Yamaha dirt bike 2009

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Refinements to the engine make it pull stronger across the rev range and the ones brought to the chassis result in a sharper steering and a better bump-absorbing bike. The chassis was lightened and rebalanced so that it would prove efficient for different of riders, but while they would feel at home on it, a retuned engine will be providing all of the power and torque needed Yamaha dirt bike 2009 order for this baby to become a blast in any motocross competition. It is the result of a 60 mm lengthened header made of titanium and a 50 mm shortened aluminum silencer. These two modifications combine and offer great low-end throttle response, as well as lo of torque to back it up.

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But they required another approach towards the carburetor jetting and CDI ignition, something that ended up in an even more powerful engine. A new mechanical feature is the clutch. This unit is now fitted with a floating rubber dumper not a coil spring and it performs faster and more precisely, perfect for closed course competitions.

The clutch lever was shortened. The answer came with mass centralization and the ProTaper aluminum handlebars. Among the sharpest handling bikes in the class due to the aluminum tuned-flex frame, the revised Yamaha required a grip seat that would keep the rider in place during exploitation. I got it, so bikers will be going around the corner well planted into the seat during the short moments in a race when they will actually use the seat. Taking a look at the advancement levels that the bike has reached you would think that it comes a long way back, but that would mean confusing it with the YZ two-stroke motorcycle.

Actually, the Yamaha YZF was first introduced in and it was created from the need of a powerful 34 HP four-stroke motorcycle, preferably powered by a quarter-liter engine, that would prove extremely valuable on a package that could have easily been confused with the one of a cc two-stroke thumper. Ever since it was introduced, the bike was powered by the cc single-cylinder, water-cooled, four-stroke, DOHC motor which would have been fitted on a bulky steel frame. This last unit was replaced in with a frame that was entirely made of aluminum.

Honda also launches the motocross lineup which is indeed a very successful one for the CRFR. Offering great resistance and power coming from a cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke engine, this is one true competitor for the new Yamaha already. Not to mention the Honda Progressive Steering Damper which makes it a rocket through the corners, something that Yamaha can only compete with by using the ProTaper aluminum handlebar. Like Honda, Suzuki is enjoying the success of their four-stroke cc RM-Z, a machine that never seemed to fail, no matter what.

It simply relies on its light aluminum chassis, bulletproof engine and Showa suspensions in order to make the best impression. With its cc four-stroke single with DOHC and four valves, the bike comes as an alternative for the ones ly Yamaha dirt bike 2009. In order to mark the big change Yamaha adds Yamaha dirt bike 2009, stylish plastics on the YZF, as well as it does with the entire line-up, but it seems that every single model has its own charm. Aggressive looking and deed around the rider, the chances for it to disappoint even from this point of view are reduced to a minimum.

Color combination is what sets it apart from the others and, here, things can split both ways: either you go for the Team Yamaha Blue and White color scheme or the Red and White one. plates are white no matter what and the new grip seat has two-tone coloration. The upgrades that the Yamaha YZF receives over the model year are meant to make sure that critics will abstain themselves this time. To begin with, the engine is now retuned for more low-end excitement while keeping the midrange and top-end as consistent as on the model year. The easiest and cheapest way to achieve that Yamaha dirt bike 2009 by changing the exhaust system, which they did.

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Now featuring a 60mm longer header and a 50mm shorter silencer, the exhaust change makes a crucial difference when accelerating away from the start line and out of corners. Nothing like a two-stroke motor, but definitely capable to satisfy all riding demands, the cc, liquid-cooled DOHC; five titanium valves four-stroke motor, although not suffering its own changes, stands out as improved and that is what counts. Bringing a major contribution to the up and coming motor is the carburetor which was as well detailed.

It also makes the engine run smoother and without that much unnecessary noise. As a rider, I felt that you can concentrate more on obtaining greater lap times, especially now that the engine is better overall Yamaha dirt bike 2009 not as noisy. While the YZF would Yamaha dirt bike 2009 been a little tricky to set around corners in the past, the bike is now more responsive and provides better feedback to the slightly unconfident rider. The chassis feels lighter and more responsive and the rear end will go virtually anywhere you want as long as the front end past thereabout a millisecond earlier.

So the bike is easier to ride, but how does the suspension equipment add on to that? Furthermore, the new clutch makes the ride smoother so going out of sharp corners is faster. Yamaha even claims that the use of floating rubber damper instead of a coil spring also improves durability so the YZF would have to be cheaper to live with.

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The impressive braking power is so properly valued also thanks to the tires and the waved discs. So you will have a great overall package that performs better in almost every matter compared to the model year. This means that the competition is stiffening up in the motocross arena and we love it.

Good thing that Yamaha is as good in the marketing department as it is in the engineering one.

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The color combination Yamaha dirt bike 2009 choose will also slightly reflect on the MSRP for which this dirt bike is offered. Among the most appreciated Yamaha YZ models, the F has had a great evolution so far and, as shows us, we have just began seeing the best of it. No wonder competition riders claim this is the best cc four-stroke bike as it has completed with the purpose of its creation from the year following its introduction.

At this level, evolution marks the winner and the Yamaha YZF is the best you can have so far. Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

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Yamaha dirt bike 2009

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