Work speed dating

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I get asked all the time for team building exercises.

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And as most of us know, many are quite lackluster or even worse, uber lame. Speed dating at work. Except, of course, the intention is not to date — but to learn. So the conversation will continue well beyond the exercise.

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In essence, you leave them wanting to know more from and about one another — aka real deal teambuilding!! PS Grab your copy of Culture Works for more great ideas like this one. Also available on Amazon. Kris Boesch is the CEO and Founder of Choose Peoplea company that transforms company cultures, increases employee happiness and boosts the bottom-line.

She is a nationally renowned speaker and workplace culture expert.

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Kris is also a proud mother, dancing diva and dog lover. in. Log into your .

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Password recovery. Share on Facebook. You can do this same setup with fewer or more people.

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Have one row stay seated while the other row moves every 7 minutes use a timer. Set the ground rule of no conversation hoggers or hiders. Scaling Culture Through Leadership Development.

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Latest Articles. In this episode, Kevin talks to his guest, Paul Marciano, about having difficult conversations with people in your life, whether at work or at home.

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Kevin reunites with his old friend, Meido Moore, who became a Zen monk and now lives in a monastery near Madison, Wisconsin. They discuss unconventional career choices, resiliency, life in a monastery, tips for better meditation, and more.

Work speed dating

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Speed Dating At Work – Team Building Exercise