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I think probably every two years, I read an article about some scientist who thinks there might be a way, building off chicken DNA or whatever, to figure out the DNA of dinosaurs and bring one to life. I feel like I run into these stories all the time. There were those scientists a couple years ago who were talking about how you could take Neanderthal DNA and use it to create new Neanderthals.

Or this is, I think, the realest one going. I think this is an actual thing. There's a team led by a Harvard scientist trying to bring back the woolly mammoth. That's right, the woolly mammoth. And have herds of them tromping through the Siberian tundra. That's the actual plan. And can I just say, I know you scientists, you have your reasons. But whenever I read this stuff, I think, did you guys not see Jurassic Park?

Have we learned nothing from the movies? Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should. Thank you, Jeff Goldblum. Frankenstein Women want sex Colton the body parts of dead people, sews them together on a lab table, jolts them with some electricity-- very showy electricity, dare I say. The creature comes to life and then does things the scientist did not anticipate at all. Unintended consequences, my friends. It's not just in the movies, by the way.

Of course, as we all know, discoveries in subatomic physics left the lab. Decades later, we got nuclear bombs. Scientists constructed ways with computers to network with each other in the '60s. Now, half a century later, we end up with the Russians trolling our elections through social media. Cylons return to Caprica to kill all the humans who invented them. OK, that one's not real. But my point is the same. Unintended consequences-- they happen when the experiment leaves Women want sex Colton lab. And today on our show, we have three examples, three telling examples from three very different kinds of labs, one of them-- OK, one of those labs is actually just a laboratory of human feelings, but still.

I'm Ira Glass. Stay with us. Act One, Breakout Star. OK, so we begin with this experiment gone wrong. Like I said, this is not a traditional experiment, not a traditional laboratory, but a laboratory of human emotion, one very familiar to lots of Women want sex Colton.

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I'm talking about the reality TV show, The Bachelor. Been around for 23 seasons. Every season, of course, is romance made in a Petri dish. They throw in one guy, dozens of women.

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Each week, the guy ejects a few women from the Petri dish until there is just one Women want sex Colton. And that's how it went until last season, when, for the first time, one of the lab subjects, a very important one, escaped the lab with, yes, unintended consequences. One of our producers, Emanuele Berry, tells what happened. I've been watching The Bachelor for years, and I've never seen anything like what happened on Episode 9 of Season There's this one moment that felt so real that I haven't shut up about it.

OK, so, it's almost the last episode of the season. It's The Bachelor, so of course, they're filming in a romantic location, a beautiful property in Portugal. The bachelor this time around is Colton Underwood. He's 26, tall, sandy hair, handsome, a former football player. And as the show has mentioned a million times, he's a virgin. I could care less. Online, I saw fans of the show describe him as sweet and sincere. My roommate once called him America's chicken nugget. I'm here to fall in love, so hopefully, by the end of this, I am down on one knee. This show is a Monday night tradition in my apartment.

My roommate and I open a bottle of red wine, and for two hours, we enjoy some choreographed drama, contestants who aren't there for the right reason, bachelors who didn't know it would be so hard, tearful eliminations. The entire thing, it's kind of silly. It's Women want sex Colton a total mess, but I'm so into it. So back to that dramatic moment.

It's nighttime in Portugal, and Colton has been dumped by the girl of his dreams. He has shut himself into his room.

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He says, "I'm done. I'm done with this. He throws open the door, and his hand is suddenly covering the entire TV screen. Then this strange thing happens. Suddenly, the invisible TV crew becomes very visible.

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Cameramen Women want sex Colton their way into the frame. Colton is running down the stairs. He's taking off his mic, and the producers start calling for Chris. Chris Harrison is the host of the show, who's forever popping into scenes unannounced. And I always feel like, wait, why are you here? Colton's walking away from Chris, ignoring everyone. And then he reaches this big white fence, like an industrial security gate.

It's maybe like eight feet tall. And without hesitation, in one powerful, graceful movement, he leaps up and pulls himself over. He's on the other side in a heartbeat. It's the type of move Captain America would do. And then Chris Harrison utters what is perhaps my favorite line in the history of The Bachelor. Is there a button that opens the gate? The crew takes what feels like a while to actually get the gate open. And when they finally do, Colton is gone.

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The bachelor has escaped. For three minutes, I watch as they search for him, calling his name. Someone starts whistling like they're looking for a dog. They get into cars, and they're driving around. And finally, they spot him on Women want sex Colton side of the road. Colton keeps walking away. Chris tries to get him to talk. Manages to get him to walk toward a car, but Colton insists it's over. He says, I can't do this. I'm done. Then commercial. And when we come back, it's the next day, and it's bright and sunny. And Chris Harrison is knocking on Colton's door to talk.

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