Woman kissing another woman at work

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I kissed a girl at work — and I want to do that again As concisely as possible — went out with some colleagues for drinks and fairly early everyone disappeared apart from me and a girl who started in our office about a year ago. She is a bit younger than me, but we work relatively closely same floor, a lot of crossover with our client work. I've liked this girl since she started. She is awesome pretty and on occasions over the last year I've not been able to get her out of my head — for weeks. We kept on and I suggested we carry on and go to another bar.

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We were both drunk, but I felt like we both really wanted to — I certainly did and she said afterwards she had some feelings for me. Anyway, we left, I got her a cab home we kissed again multiple times and I went home. Physically I am super attracted to this girl and if the opportunity even remotely arose, I would be trying to make it happen.

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Small back story - I am 2. Not acting on this, especially knowing this girl might be into me is going to drive me nuts. Don't cheat on your wife. All the other details are irrelevant. Personally, I'd be Woman kissing another woman at work much more nuts knowing that I had betrayed my spouse knowingly and with intent after a perhaps forgivable drunken indiscretion. It's in the cold hard light of morning that we know who we are. It sounds like you're comfortable being someone I would not be. Don't tell your wife you kissed this girl. The guilt is for you to deal with. You know what to do. Don't sleep with her.

Or sleep with her, but you should probably get divorced first, and also wait out her relationship. You're in crush insanity-land. You cannot sleep with her and "keep things straight at home". Sometimes, you can't do what you want just because you feel like it. The going-nuts feeling will fade. Very simple.

If you're "quite happy" with your marriage and spouse, then don't cheat on them. Get your head straight, and respect your wife and your marriage vows. There's no cheating clause that says "This is ok because I am leaving the state soon with my wife. Probably not. You should not be married, if you're being completely honest in your text above. So you're certain that this type of temptation won't happen again after your move? I'd focus on where the urge or inability to suppress it is coming from, and then work on it if you want to save your marriage. Best case scenario: You give into your urges, make it with this girl, and no one ever finds out.

You have a good time. She has a good time. It all ends and neither of your have hard feelings and you have fond memories. This is unlikely. Worst case scenarios: Girl makes demands on you you hadn't planned on. Your wife finds out because you're acting distant, weird or leave your cell phone unattended. You break your wife's heart. You catch an STD.

The girl gets Woman kissing another woman at work. You leave your wife for a case of infatuation. Or, you realize you can get away with it and serially cheat because monogamy is boring, until something happens listed above.

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Okay, the alternative is cheating on your wife which is not only not that great but will have longer lasting implications for your future than not hooking up with this woman. You being driven nuts is not such a terrible outcome.

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Know thyself, in other words. What can you do? You can not sleep with this other woman, not put yourself in a situation where you're likely to be alone with her, especially when drinking, and put your head down and handle this. If it were me or you were my friend, I'd tell you to come clean with your wife, but that's a decision that reasonable people can disagree on. It doesn't sound like from your brief description that being "out of temptation" with this one Woman kissing another woman at work is going to matter terribly much to you in the long run, but only fix this one issue in the short run.

If you can kiss one woman you have an intense attraction to, what is to stop this from happening again? You sort of need to accept that no matter how out of character it is for you, it's a thing that you can possibly do and is now a thing that you have done.

This is who you are. Now, is this how you want to be in the future? That's rationalization, all right. And if you give in here, you're setting yourself up to do exactly the same thing the next time you can rationalize your way to doing so. The issue here is not whether or not you should pursue things with this young woman; the answer to that is no. No, definitely not. Do NOT pursue things with this young woman. The second issue is your marriage. Forget how your friends feel about your relationship; how do YOU feel about it? Do you think this young woman is so one in a billion special that she's the only person with whom you'd ever want to cheat?

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If so, the situation's over after you move and you don't cheat. Don't cheat. If it's not the woman and it's you or your marriage, you have to sort out your own feelings. Maybe you're someone who has crushes on people -- I am! I have the most wonderful, amazing, loving husband in the world and I still get crushes a lot.

My personal rule is that I have to tell my husband whenever I have a crush on someone so then it becomes a private joke instead of a fun special secret that makes me feel all warm and goopy nothing kills budding romance like a spouse saying "Ooooh, your giiiiiiiirlfriend?

Trust me on this. So: If you're someone who has crushes but loves your wife and wants to be with her, figure out a way to deal with that, personal rules or outlets like telling your wife or therapy or a diary to get it out or sending cards to Postsecret or whatever. Make sure you are respectful of her needs; if she wants monogamy, there's nothing wrong with that.

Don't mention this incident. If this is because you don't actually want to be with your wife, figure that out on your own. It's Woman kissing another woman at work your needs and her needs, not what your friends want. This is a thing you did and you need to take responsibility for it, but that doesn't mean having sex with this woman and it doesn't mean telling your wife, it means figuring out your next step in a way that is respectful to the woman you married and your own needs.

Good luck. Pterodactyl at AM on February 10, [ 21 favorites ]. It's more of a, what the hell, how could Anonymous do that?!? Some of them will never trust or like you again. Is a short office fling worth that? Are Woman kissing another woman at work a cheater? Are you someone whose fidelity to your wife is based not on honor and respect for her and to the promise that you made together, but on how likely it is you'll get caught?

Is that truly how you're comfortable thinking of yourself? If not, then no, don't do this. Find another way around the temptation. See a counselor or a religious leader if you're religious. Exercise vigorously. Channel that energy into a renewed attraction for your wife.

It's at times like these that a person's true character is shown -- the very definition of "temptation" is a desire to do something we know is wrong, after all. Absent that, it's just interest. You have total and perfect control over your own actions here; it is very easy not to sleep with this woman if she truly is a girl, then you have worse problems than just infidelity ; just don't talk to her, don't flirt with her, don't be alone with her, and don't sleep with her. You are not a helpless automaton; you are a rational and ethical person.

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If that IS how you're comfortable thinking of yourself, and you feel fine acting in that vein? Divorce your wife first, because she deserves better to be married to someone who at best is a cad and at worst is a sociopath. Agreeing with everyone else. I will also add this as something to consider: There is a man in my office who regularly cheats on his wife with Woman kissing another woman at work and colleagues. A lot of people Woman kissing another woman at work about it, despite him thinking he's being clever and keeping it all on the downlow, and it has hurt his reputation quite a lot within the company and probably within the industry as well.

This won't be the last girl you are tempted to cheat on your wife with, and who is "into you. A person who respects his marriage and the limitations that brings with it, or a person who is a slave to the whims of any willing girl who comes along? If it's the second one, tell your wife now, before you have children, before you buy another house together, before you move.

I won't judge you for deciding that monogamy is not for you, but you need to do it before your ties to your wife are cemented with children. Physically I am super attracted to this girl and if the opportunity even remotely arose, I would be trying to make it happen I am confused about this "What can I do? Is somebody making you kiss this girl?

Did she have a gun, and hold it to your head to force you to kiss her? Were you blackmailed into kissing her? Are you a spy, and this is a honey trap job? Because outside of those situations I am not sure how you are forced to kiss and pursue a sexual relationship with this woman.

It is extremely normal to be attracted to other people outside your relationship, but that doesn't mean you're required to pursue those attractions. Actually, most people either negotiate with their spouse to allow outside-relationship liasons, or they suck it up and do not bang every person they find attractive. I understand your dick is giving you all sorts of compelling reasons to have sex with this woman, but jokes aside you are in control of your dick and are perfectly able to tell it no.

Woman kissing another woman at work

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