Why do i get so jealous with my boyfriend

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And not in the traditional way we might expect jealousy to appear in your average insecurity-riddled courtship either. That we should be selfless and endlessly supportive, and take pride in their success. And yeah, I guess it is cool.

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The secret is to know them and express them in a way your partner can hear and digest. This requires one to become familiar and connected to how they feel so it becomes clear. We love each other, but life had got in the way and we both chose to put ourselves and our careers ahead of what had been a great relationship. But when I found myself still struggling to make any progress a few months after he left I crumbled, reaching out to him in a string of desperate s because as is custom among spurned lovers I had blocked him across all social media.

Maybe if we had been able to establish a mutually supportive set-up, it would be easier. Does that make me a bad person, or a bad girlfriend?

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In other words, sometimes we are unable to support and be happy for others and other times we can; both exist in us. When La La Land came out in cinemas, I went to see it with my flatmate, a while after my boyfriend left. It has been praised as being an honest representation of love, where two people allow each other the space to develop and grow into their aspirations. Is it really so unnatural to feel abandoned, or to resent his happiness? And after the initial inevitable phenomenal praise, came the more provocative think pieces.

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Maybe these two had given up on love, putting their selfishness and their egos above each other and turning their backs on the most important thing of all — love. It all sounds a bit gross and idealistic, and Hollywood portrayals of Hollywood are of course wildly satirical.

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But it came at a poignant time for me. Shirlee agrees: 'It's a misconception that our partners are responsible for our lives and our happiness. They can support us in our struggle, but that's it. Follow Marianna on Twitter mmanson How To. Celebrity News.

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It might not be the Hollywood ending, but then, neither was La La Land. Liked this?

Why do i get so jealous with my boyfriend

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Why Do We Get Jealous in Relationships?