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Since most of the big-name providers discontinued Top sex chat rooms chatroom services over the last decade, the age of the sex chat room is mooted as being over… but is that strictly true? In this guide, we take a look at the history of the chat room and why these simple spaces are still proving popular; not only with the people that made them so huge in the first place but with a new generation.

So, for the avoidance of any doubt, by chat rooms we mean a text based forum or area where users can send instant messages to a group or direct to another user. Note: A popular alternative is phone sex. Most chat rooms have a character limit on the Top sex chat rooms which sort of makes a chat room like a dedicated mini-Twitter.

Most chat rooms do not require any overly complicated registration process and users can be as anonymous as they like, sharing only an on-screen nickname with no personal information. Chat rooms predated any kind of social media on the internet and have been around since before the World Wide Web. The first service of its kind, Talkomatic, was launched in and was a primitive precursor to what became a huge phenomenon of the s.

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All three of these companies provided the simple ability to connect with other users in an anonymous setting to share text based messages. The chat room was born. If you can try to imagine or even cast your mind back and remember the world before instant connectivity through the vast assortment of channels we now have available to us.

Take away Facebook, Instagram, Kik, SnapChat, Twitter and even SMS and place yourself at your Top sex chat rooms yes, desktop with a modem that connects to the internet at the dizzying speeds if you are lucky of 9. Images on websites could take minutes to and the only thing that was guaranteed to be transferred quickly was text or simple data. The chat room was Top sex chat rooms ideal way to instantly communicate with a large of random strangers in a simple form that even the slowest of connections could manage.

Chat rooms were soon populated by an undercurrent of users who usually late at night would trawl the rooms hoping to find someone to flirt with and maybe talk dirty to. As technology has been found to do since the dawn of time, the demand for adult content forged new developments. Specific rooms dedicated for the over 18s were introduced and over time became more and more niche to cater for specific interests. By the mid s, a large proportion of adults in the US and UK had used some form of chat room, albeit a late night foray into this new world.

As a result, acronyms derived from chat rooms to speed up interaction slowly started creeping into everyday language and remain in modern use even with the next generation of internet users. However, chat rooms have slowly been dying out with the original market leaders AOL closing their service inYahoo doing the same in and MSN finally closing the doors on their chat room offering in The reason? With social media, IM services and smartphone apps offering more advanced ways to communicate and video chat services like those offered by cam sites, perhaps chat rooms have had their day… or have they?

Seemingly not. Though Facebook launched its own version of chat rooms inthe pick up has not been that great. What this lacks and what people still crave is that anonymous and simple log in; a kind of universal sexting tool. As a result, you can still find plenty of chat sites online that are dedicated to the traditionalists view of communication; a group space Top sex chat rooms complete strangers can flirt with, talk dirty to and perhaps make contact with other people without any distractions and in utter anonymity.

Just as our use of desktop and laptop computers has given way to smartphones and tablets, the traditional chat room has evolved from basic rooms to apps deed specifically for instant communication on the move. However, the unstoppable march of technology coupled with an appetite for the visual has meant that many chat sites have now matured into all-out cam Top sex chat rooms. And, though the principles of some of these channels are similar to those of a chat room, there is a big difference between the two.

Where chat sites are anonymous and wholly text based, cam sites focus on a very visible person, performing for attention. Chat sites foster inclusivity whilst cam sites promote by their very nature competition. For anyone who is more used to swiping and tapping or using video chats then old school chat room etiquette might be a little confusing.

Not only does it allow slow typists the ability to keep up in a conversation but it is a universal way of communicating regardless of geography, age and often language. This site receives over a quarter of a million visits each month. With the average visitors spending almost eight minutes online, there is a good proportion of users who simply dip into the chat rooms before disappearing but a steady stock of regular visitors. So, whilst private messages can be more dirty, the main room can be sexy but is definitely R rated and not X rated.

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As a result, interactions are quite good and you can easily get involved in a chat instead of just being party to a series of shout outs for sex. Free to use, Chat simply requires a basic handle and age confirmation in order to access the chat rooms. Adult chat also has forums available to use for those people who prefer to hold more lengthy conversations on a given topic. The site is free to use and, though small in terms of user-base around 75, hits per monthis an active chat site. Chat Avenue is one of the most popular general chat sites online attracting around 3 million to 5 million hits per month.

Rooms include specific interests including video games, music and sports as well as a variety of adult related chat rooms. The room environments are slick and well-deed with plenty of interaction going on between users. Chat For Free is a video chat based service that has been operating since Top sex chat rooms The site has around half a million hits a month with the average session lasting just 2 minutes and has quite a bounce rate.

However, there are rooms which can attract much longer interactions.

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The multi-cam rooms can be a bit daunting at first but are quite a good way to interact though of course offers no anonymity. There are many different chat rooms available including seniors, random and romance.

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The adult chat room gets quite busy and most users seem to be after private cam-to-cam sessions. On average,tousers are attracted to Chat IW with the average visitor staying for over 22 minutes per session. This is a good metric and indicates that engagement on the site is high. We certainly found that there was a couple of thousand users online each time we visited.

And, though a UK site, many users were international in origin. The site is free to use and requires no complicated registration process to get started allowing users to remain anonymous. Most of the rooms have a high proportion of visitors posting images and of Top sex chat rooms, some do link to third party sites. Though the site is free to use, the best experience is gained from members who pay a subscription fee.

Chat Roulette has risen in popularity over the last couple of years and is currently ranked in the top 25, websites in the world with between 4 million and 6 million visits a month. Though not a chat room in the traditional sense, we have Top sex chat rooms it here as it offers something slightly different. Without this service, the chances of connecting with a woman are quite low as the male to female ratio is heavy on the guys.

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You can ignore webcams and simply use a text based service to interact with your randomised screen partner. If you like the idea of randomised cam chat then there are other similar sites including Omegle, Camzap, Stickam, Bazoocam, Tiny Chat, Tippity and Imeetzu. Insta Chat Rooms is also a popular video chat roulette site. ChatVille is another video based chat room service. With 2. Though free to use, you are required to register some basic information including date of birth, gender and address.

The predominant user base comes from India but there is also a high rate of use from the U. Chat rooms include a video chat and adult chat Top sex chat rooms with each attracting a few dozen guests at a time. As ever with online websites, the ratio of men to women is disproportionate towards guys but the interaction on the site is quite good. The site also offers a chat roulette option for randomised matches as well as providing a community for adult chat fans in the form of sexting, forums and cam chat rooms.

Chatzy is another popular U. What makes Chatzy different to any other site on this list is that your chat rooms are personal and private meaning only those you have invited can your session. Free to use, there are benefits to paying a premium subscription including nofaster connection speeds to the service less timeouts and unrestricted access to all rooms.

Membership costs a few dollars a month. One of the stalwarts of the chat community, FCN has been running since the s and Top sex chat rooms provides chat room services for over 2. Offering video chat and text based rooms, FCN caters for adults looking for flirty and dirty talk. The service is entirely free and is one of the few sites on our list that still offers a huge range of rooms. Rooms include singleschat, gameplaychat and sexchat. The room we hit up on our initial foray Sex Chat was a busy one with plenty of activity.

However, our visits to the General Chat room were far more successful in terms of interaction yet there was still a good amount of flirtation. A site set up and run by kinksters for kinksters, the range of chat rooms on Kinkster Chat is quite varied. Rooms use hashtags to distinguish specialist interest groups with some more general areas being quite popular.

As ever, your nickname is an essential way to identify who you are so choose carefully. Interaction within the rooms varies depending on the time of day you log in and the mix of people logged in but they appear to be quite active. Webcam interactions are allowed in some rooms with private messaging being a common way for users to chat. Not only does this make the portal more secure but it does also make the site more universally compatible.

It works well on mobile and tablet devices as well Top sex chat rooms desktop and laptop. The most popular chat rooms are SexChat and AdultChat both of which seem to attract between 20 and users depending on the time of day. The former allows the use of explicit language and you can post nude pics to the room.

The latter is more of a social chat but some sexy talk is allowed. The functionality of the site is simple and easy to use and includes ways to send private messages to other users. Weird Town is a small community site offering a hand-picked selection of sites, information and games. In addition, the site runs a flash chat room service to cater for a range of people including adults, lesbians, gays and anyone looking for something more serious. Once verified, you can browse Top sex chat rooms chat rooms available including those that have been created by other members, and there are some very niche rooms available.

However, the more niche the type of room, the less likely that there is anyone online.

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The site is free to use. Featured image via Pixabay. Table Of Contents. What Are Adult Chat Rooms?

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