Songs about age difference

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Right, since the coffee house is no more, i'm posting this here in hope of a few replies before it gets moved. Any of you peeps know some good songs on relationships with age gaps? I got Mrs. RE: Age Gap Songs? You hear me? Post song! Susan G. How good do they have to be? So you're into an older guy? Sorry Phil, just joking. Couldn't resist. I know it was. I apologize. Why don't you write your own song?

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Stacy's Mom by Fountains of Wayne, comes to mind. Hot For Teacher - Van Halen??? I couldn't remember if she was older or if it was more about the fact that she was married. Thanks Cram : And yeah, Me and Mrs. Jones is really more about having an affair Still a good song though! I heard Ashton Kutcher plucks on a guitar from time to time. Maybe he's even written a song. One of my fave apparent age gap songs is "Dark Horse" by Amanda Marshall.

A groove that really insinuates itself into your head. There's a rather extreme one by Aimee Mann where she falls in love Songs about age difference a retired old bachelor who lives with his sister and likes to garden. The name slips my mind at the moment.

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I believe it's on her "Whatever" album. But sorry, both with the gal on the young end. Max Output Level: Good deadpan Elson I love zingers like that! The Scar. Maggie May by Rod Stewart. She don't remember the queen of soul??? Stay logged in. Elson R. AndyW Max Output Level: Jerry

Songs about age difference

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Age Gap Songs?