Small town dating advice

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I roll over just to be temporarily blinded by my phone light. If I want any chance to work out, I have to be at the student wellness center the minute they open. Tinder likes to remind people they are single and alone at their most desperate hour on a Thursday or Friday night. Or I guess what most people consider their lucky hour.

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This is the normal hour for people to be out at the bars or clubs, trying to find their next hookup or date. Do the kids still do that nowadays? You Small town dating advice matches waiting for you. Well, about four hours ago you told me there were no people in my area that matched my criteria so I strongly doubt that, Tinder. It was the curse of being in a small town full of college. It was also the curse of working for the school as a graduate assistant softball coach. I just avoided the line completely. Just saves the trouble. I had tried it in New York when I first moved there after graduating college.

Because no one hates New York like I do and wants to get out. The next choice is widening your search radius. I went on one date there last fall and that was a train wreck. So why not drive two hours?

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So, I found a concert for a band I loved, said I would be there, and then got stood up. Then I blocked and deleted his. It was wonderful. I was really good at this whole dating thing. I went back to my non-social life and spent my time on better projects.

I wrote a book. Then I wrote another. Then a third. I got ahead on grad school so I could have only one class my last semester and focus on other things like getting a job and moving to a new city.

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So please tell me why I found myself continuing to go back on an app where I almost constantly swiped left? Well, I did what I did and really never used it. Driving through the middle of one state on the way home, I was Small town dating advice once again by Tinder, that I was missing out on matches. I have no judgements on the hookup culture, just not my thing. Cue the disbelief in that I tried to exit the notification but inevitably opened the app. Well, five seconds is enough Small town dating advice Tinder to update your whereabouts. Tall, brilliant, interesting, and has a similar personality.

A week and a half later, I drive to his city for a date. After three months of driving four hours to see each other, I graduate and move down to his city. That cheesy, awesome dude and I are still going strong. Get out now. Some of us want to live in NYC forever and you should absolutely immerse yourself in the dating life, if you choose. Same goes with the small town.

I have a fun story to tell, but you still get to spend your life how you want it. And just so you know, the sweet spot for finding that perfect someone is a 4 hour drive, so start changing your search radius. Get more value from my newsletter with updates on articles, books, and extras.

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Small town dating advice

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The Rules of Dating in a Small Town