Should i try and get back with my ex

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Whether or not you should try to get your ex back or take your ex back is a very personal decision. It is, after all, your life and you will have to live with the relationship if you get back with your ex. Instead, I will equip you with the tools you can use to make the right decision for YOU. I will give you a step by step process that you can use to make sure that if you get back together with your ex, you will not regret that decision.

You will be glad to know that a lot of couples do indeed get back together in a healthy, long lasting relationships. In fact, we conducted a study of 3. It means that getting back together is the right decision for a lot of people.

The short answer to that question is, you should get back with your ex only if you think that you and your ex can have a healthy and fulfilling relationship after getting back together. Because they think that the connection was special. Because they think their love for their ex is special. Or they are afraid of being alone. Or they are afraid of never finding someone else. Or they are afraid of never finding someone who loves them the way their ex loved them. In my experience, the reason why someone wants an ex back is kind of a mixture of your love for your ex and your fear of losing them.

But what dictates your desire of getting them back? If you have to describe the content of this desire, how would you describe it? Or do you want them back because you have genuine love for them, and you feel there is a promising future with them? But once you become aware of these fears that control you, you take the first step towards overcoming them. Note, that fear is an integral part of the human psyche.

Just because you feel a lot of fear does not mean you should beat Should i try and get back with my ex over it. It has your best interest at heart. You should not let fear dictate your decisions, but you should also acknowledge that this fear, this panicked part of your mind, has good intentions.

If you feel that fear is dictating your decision and action, then I highly recommend you step back and take some time to heal from the breakup. Stop contacting your ex and cut them off if need be. And doing no contact after a breakup is a great way to get some perspective and heal. The first step is to understand your desire of getting your ex back. The decision that whether or not you should take your ex back or try to get them back.

The fact that you love your ex, you miss your ex, or that you are miserable without your ex is never a good reason to get back together. Here are a few reasons the panicked mind may give you and you will try to give to your friends and familywhich are not really good reasons for reconciliation. There could be many other variations of the above. In my opinion, the only reason to get an ex back is if you think there is a potential for a healthy, long lasting and amazing relationship with them.

No one can really guarantee that you will have a great relationship with your ex if you get back together. Did your breakup happen because of a simple argument? Did your breakup because of a misunderstanding? If your ex broke up with you, they probably gave you a reason for the breakup. Or maybe they were just tired of arguing all the time. Should i try and get back with my ex you are thinking about getting back together with your ex, you should try to understand the real reason for the breakup.

Did your behavior change in the relationship? Did you do things that slowly pushed them away? Did they adapt a new lifestyle that changed their perception of you? Were they mingling with a lot of new people? Did they become addicted to something? Was it because your ex just refuses to compromise with you? Did you both ever try to learn to communicate better? Understanding the real reason of the breakup is important if you want to make sure you are getting your ex back for the right reasons.

They constantly did things that caused you to doubt them. And unless you understand that reason and know how to fix it, there is no point in trying to get back together. In most cases, I highly recommend that you take some space from your ex to get some perspective on the breakup. Again, doing no contact is a great way to start thinking clearly and understand the real reason for the problem.

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There are things that can be fixed. Once you have understood the real reasons for the breakup, you need to try to figure out if that thing can be fixed. What would it take to get to the root of your insecurity and fix it? Are you willing to do whatever it takes? Are you willing to go to therapy or do the self-improvement work required to stop being insecure in the relationship? You may be willing to do the work needed to fix your insecure behavior but is your ex willing to do the work to fix their avoidant behavior.

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If the reason for the breakup was bad arguments, then figure out if both of you can learn to communicate effectively? You may be willing to learn communication skills, but will your ex be willing to do the same? You may lie to yourself just because you want to believe that getting back Should i try and get back with my ex is a healthy decision.

And that lie may cost you months or years of another unhealthy relationship followed by pain of another bad breakup. Getting an ex back can take a lot of time and energy from you. And in the end, doing all that work may not really be worth it. For all you know, you may fix what was broken in the relationship only to realize that you and your ex are just not that great together. You need to figure out if the relationship with your ex has a good potential to be an amazing relationship. The kind of relationship you deserve.

Here are a few ways to find out if there is a good potential to have an amazing relationship with your ex. Now you have to understand I am not talking about the Honeymoon stage of the relationship. No, that does not define a great relationship. A great relationship is based on honesty, respect, communication, trust and compatibility. If you think it was great in all these areas, then you can go ahead and say that your relationship with your ex was great.

And I sincerely wish you the best in winning your ex back. A divorce or a separation can be really hard on. Getting back together in a healthy relationship means potentially providing a loving and healthy environment for your child ren to grow up in. And that makes your relationship with your ex worth giving another shot.

You should still go through the first four steps and figure out if you and your ex can fix what was broken and be in a healthy relationship.

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In most cases, your friends and family will tell you to just move on and forget about your ex. However, if they tell you that you should try getting back together with your ex, then it means that the relationship with your ex is probably worth saving. Your friends know you better than anyone else and if they think that your ex is worth giving it another try, then it means your relationship with your ex has a good potential of being a great relationship. If enough time has passed and you think you have healed from the breakup, then you can most likely think about your past relationship from a neutral perspective.

Again, in most cases, I recommend you do no contact and to heal from the breakup. If your ex wants you back, then the answer to that question is simple. Yes, you can get your ex back. You just need to tell them that you are ready to take them back.

The only thing you need to do is make sure that you get back in a healthy relationship. You can do that by discussing what was broken and how to fix it. And for that, I have written in depth articles that you can read. The links for these articles is below.

But before you even go on this journey to try to get your ex back, you should understand your chances of getting your ex back. You can take the quiz by clicking here. About Kevin Thompson. Kevin Thompson is a breakup expert and Should i try and get back with my ex with more than 11 years of experience of helping people recover from a breakup and get back in a healthy relationship. But before we get into process, you may be wondering, Do couples even get back together?

Should i try and get back with my ex

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Should I Get Back With My Ex? 6 Steps To Find Out