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Share this on:. Our list of panelists included Leslie Bonci, R. Leslie: Hi, everybody. Welcome to our Google Hangout today. And we are going to be talking performance eating for the Pittsburgh Marathon. My name is Leslie Bonci. Mandy: Hi, good afternoon. Great to be here and welcome. Jenna, how about if you start? I am editor by day, a blogger by night and a runner whenever it fits. I ran two half-marathons last year after a back injury in sidelined me.

And the Pittsburgh Marathon next week will be my first full marathon. Head coach of the Steel City Roadrunners. Mar: Hi. So, very happy to be here. I raced bikes for Freddie Fu and have done many marathon distance and half-marathon distance trail runs. Leslie: Well, welcome to have everybody here today.

When I first started doing marathons, one of the things is our muscles get trained, but our GI tract, not always so happy. And I became the expert on where every gas Sexy Men-Sexy Women lets chat and Marathon bathroom was in the city of Pittsburgh was during all that training. Mandy, how about you? Jenna: The hardest for me was both with my spring half marathon and then the winter training for this spring marathon. And I was under-fueled on a of longer runs and just trying to fight all that. Leslie: And you know what, Jenna? One of Sexy Men-Sexy Women lets chat and Marathon things that with training, that a lot of people listening today might hear, is that you push, push, push your body.

And sometimes, the end of that is your immune system becomes a little fatigued. And so, this really is the key time in the next couple of weeks of doing what you need to do of really making sure that we are optimally prepared, a lot of that hand to mouth exercise. Jon, I know you just finished a marathon. Not necessarily this one, but what has been issues for you, nutritionally, running? Jon: The timing of my meals and the few days leading up to the race and then on race morning. Something I think I finally figured out based on what works for my body.

Trial and error. Mar, how about you? Mar: I would say just timing, again. Timing of my meals and figuring out what works. Leslie: Absolutely.

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Nick: I would say my biggest hurdle has been the difference between bike fuel and running fuel. What can I eat when I run versus when I ride. The difference is in heat for each, how different foods sit differently with me. So, trial and error and learning what works for me, but maybe not for my teammates.

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Leslie: There we go. And what worked for you is going to be different than what works for everybody else today and two of us sitting here. And I think Mandy would probably think different. Swim, bike, run. You hope to carry a whole buffet along with you. Leslie: All right.

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So, I know there were some things that people were asking about, specifically and questions that come up regularly and having done Pittsburgh a lot. I am a native Pittsburgher, bleed black and gold, I do. But we offer a lot of things along the course. And really try and stick to the aid station of where things are being offered.

Even though that banana might look awfully tempting. Mandy, what do you think about that?

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Mandy: I agree. You have to do what you practice so that you can finish strong. Leslie: A lot of people mentioned timing as being the issue here. When we look at what timing is for running a marathon, it really is three days ahead of time.

If you start three days out, what happens is your body is able to hold more glycogen in the liver and in the muscle and you also hold more liquid. So, you are optimally fueled and hydrated. What does that mean in terms of how much? It is a tennis ball-sized amount more at each meal.

Not a five-pound box of cereal. Not a 5-quart bowl of pasta, not a gallon of juice. You sleep well, but you also have the peace of mind of knowing that now, your body is optimally fueled. Mandy: Agreed. And carbo-loading is not meant to Sexy Men-Sexy Women lets chat and Marathon you faster. So, this is not the time to try the pork chop diet.

This is not the time to be doing coconut oil. This is the to be doing the carbohydrates that you eat in order to fuel your body. If you want to make changes to your weight, you do that. After my fourth, not now. Mandy: And Leslie, let me ask you something.

Is it true that you actually gain a little bit of weight? Leslie: And this is one of the things that people will say, the old way. The question is the old way is you run your butt off, you exhaust every possible cell. And then, you restrict your carbohydrates. So, your body is literally on empty. So, then what happened. People inhaled those carbohydrates and you feel like a blimp.

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Leslie: Uncomfortable. You will use it over the course of the run. Bad idea. Mar: Not often, but I certainly have felt some fatigue. Either not drinking enough water, not having water with me as I run. That has happened to me before. And I was fueled fine. So, he met me and gave me more water and off I went for the rest of it. Leslie: Thank goodness he answers. Hey, Nick, how about you? Surely, this has never been an issue for you?

It certainly has. I know one of the biggest errors I see on the group rides I lead and the group runs I lead, my area. These are people worrying about race weight. Trying to think of their runs as away to quickly lose water weight or the weekend party weight they put on. And then, coming in with too little fuel or food and not bring any extra. And I know we have a question from Christine wanting some advice on what to eat and when to prevent that post-run digestive Sexy Men-Sexy Women lets chat and Marathon.

I need my goos and my gels and my chomps and my sport drink and my everything. Now, what does that look like? If you are picking the goos or the chews or the chomps, not going to drink a sports drink. You have the goos with water. But we start that after the first hour. Hour one, water alone is fine. You definitely have to keep the hydration.

But too much carbohydrate means too much running and not necessarily on the Sexy Men-Sexy Women lets chat and Marathon. Wait until after the marathon to try them. Do not use those on race day. Who knows what the weather is going to be like on May the 4th. And the best way of being prepared is the variables you control. What is that? And somebody had also asked about carb depletion.

So, now, today is April the 23rd. We are optimizing. Because you will hold more liquid at the same time. What I am not saying, what Leslie did not just say is have a bag of a jelly beans. Mandy: And would you say eating good nutrition? So, avoiding some of those highly-processed foods and…. How about that? Mandy: I will have a typical pre-race meal. I have a breakfast so that I can eat a snack before I leave the house.

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Jenna, how about you? What are you going to do? The night before, morning of? So, I will have pasta, but probably just with a little bit of cheese and butter. And then, I also wake up early and I just have a normal kind of breakfast. I am, because I have been practicing with it, probably going to have a peanut butter sandwich in my fuel belt to munch on somewhere in the awful miles because I found that that works for me. Mar: Usually, I try to eat dinner fairly early the night before. So, I always eat by I typically will have a small bowl of pasta. And then, sometimes, I will have a beer because beer is carbs.

And I will have either half a bagel or maybe a piece of bread with some peanut butter on it.

Sexy Men-Sexy Women lets chat and Marathon

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