Sex for tall people

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The second is that, if you're a lad, people are going to be like 'wow, he is super tall and therefore attractive. That's according to a new study conducted by Body Logic MD. They asked over 1, men and women about their height, their height preferences, and how it affects their emotional and physical wellbeing, as well as their self esteem. The majority of men This is compared to the Women faired similarly here, with the majority of taller women saying they were more satisfied than their shorter counterparts.

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Height also affected self-esteem for both genders, with more tall people saying that they considered themselves attractive. In both cases, fewer shorter people felt the same. Unsurprisingly, more women said they were interested in men who were taller than them, and more men said they were interested in women who were shorter.

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The ideal male height for women came out at six foot, with the majority of men saying that they wished they were that height too. It's not all bad news if you're ending up with the, ahem, short straw though because both men and women who are shorter than their friends said that they considered themselves to be funny.

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Check out our exclusive interview with Linda Kelly from Women Ascend here. Apparently, tall people have better sex lives so get the measuring tape out. Jade Hayden. More to work with, eh? Being tall is a decent shout for a few reasons.

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Sex for tall people

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Apparently, tall people have better sex lives so get the measuring tape out