Rune factory 4 dating advice

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Marriage in Rune Factory 4 is incredibly frustrating.

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Once you finally get in a relationship with someone, you can eventually marry them and even have children. Our Rune Factory 4 marriage guide covers what the requirements to marry are in the game. It also includes all the marriage event prerequisites for each bachelor and bachelorette and some tips for making them trigger sooner. You have to meet a few prerequisites to get married in Rune Factory 4.

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Of all these prerequisites, the last one is the hardest. The only requirement for them to occur is that you have to be dating the person. The exception to this is Xiao Pei, who will propose to you. If your protagonist is female, things are a bit easier on your end, but no less confusing. Your boyfriend will propose to you as part of their last relationship sub-event. You can use your diary to see what town events are currently available. The hardest part of getting married in Rune Factory 4 is getting the right events to trigger.

Each person you can date in the game has one or more events that center around them and reveal more about their character and backstory.

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You can check what event if any is currently happening in Selphia by checking your diary. All these events occur at random, so you can be stuck waiting years for them to pop off.

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However, there are a few ways to control these events triggering. You can use your ificant other as a crude alarm clock for events and hop the one you need pops up. Just have them follow you, sleep, wake up, and tend your farm, then sleep again. Since events are triggered at random, you can try this for a week or so, see if an event has popped, then reset and try again.

You just have to be patient and hope it pops up eventually.

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