Rims paint job

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Customizing the right look for your car can be challenging. How can you make sure that your car stands out from the crowd, and reflects your own personal style? One solution can be creating your own Rims paint job finish for your wheels with a custom paint job or powder coat. California Wheels offers both custom wheel painting and powder coating services to help you create the perfect individualized look — that no one else has.

The only question for you is: which service is best suited to help realize your vision? In general, custom painting offers a larger variety of colors and de options, while powder Rims paint job boasts a stronger, more resilient finish which better suits single color, full wheel applications. Read all about the benefits of each solution below, so you can make an informed decision to uniquely customize your ride.

The real benefit of a custom paint job lies in the variety of options for colors and des available.

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With so many options to choose from, you can let your creativity run wild. Interested in specialized, uncommon colors? With custom painting you can choose almost any color or shade you want. California Wheels can color match the shade of Rims paint job car, and carry it through to accents on your wheel, like a lip stripe, center cap, or the windows of your wheel. Or you can go all the way and custom paint your whole wheel Rims paint job color match your car.

Dreaming of more than one color for your custom wheel de? With a custom paint job from California Wheels, you can choose two or more colors for your perfect wheel de. By masking off specific areas of the wheel, we can add a second accent color to compliment your custom paint job and ensure an original look.

Highlight the rim of a wheel with a color matched lip stripe, and marvel at how well it ties together your look. Or accentuate other details of the wheel by painting the windows area around the edges of the spokesrivets or center caps of your wheel with a splash of bright or contrasting color. Who says you need to paint your whole wheel? Why not leave some texture in with your color? Retain a specialized finish like a machined or chrome face, and then add some color to other elements of the wheel with a custom paint job. For example, paint just the rivets on your wheel to create some pin points of color against the original factory finish.

Or paint the face and leave the original finish on the rivets for a tough, industrial looking accent.

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No matter how many colors you desire, or what parts of the wheel you want painted California Wheels custom painting provides virtually endless options to put your own unique stamp on any set of wheels. Powder coating is a specialized finishing process ideal for aluminum or alloy metal wheels, with hundreds of different colors to choose from. Step one is to choose a color for your powder coat. Some of the most popular colors are black, gunmetal and silver. Consider a more bold choice for a pop of bright, aggressive color to contrast or compliment your primary vehicle shade.

California Wheels offers three powder coat finishes to choose from, to get your look just right: high gloss, semi gloss, or matte. High gloss, or shiny. Just as the name implies. Treat your wheels to a high gloss powder coat to get a factory-like paint finish, with a glossy, smooth, clear coat. A Rims paint job gloss powder coat creates a bright, classy look, with strong reflection that causes light to sparkle and dance as the wheels roll, turning he with a sophisticated, luxurious, high Rims paint job style. Semi gloss, or satin. The perfect middle option for powder coating.

A satiny finish that allows just the right amount of reflection, showcasing the natural beauty of the wheel, with a silky, refined style. Matte finish, or flat. Matte powder coat finish is a very popular choice to create a more tough, aggressive, industrial looking finish, suggesting an understated, race inspired, sporty look.

Show the world that your wheels mean business with a matte powder coat finish in the color of your choice. Powder coating is also an excellent option for a budget conscious wheel refresh.

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If your custom wheels are seeming a bit outdated, consider a powder coat to give them new life, without having to sacrifice Rims paint job expensive investment. Invigorate stock wheels with a new color or finish, perhaps satin black or matte gun metal, to create a completely new custom look and retain the factory engineered integrity of your ride.

Best of all, at California Wheels, our powder coating service is guaranteed from application defects, ensuring a professional, high quality finish every time. California Wheels is Northern California's premiere vehicle customization shop. Renowned for our huge selection of wheels, great prices and outstanding customer service. Newsletter -Up. Name: : Submit. Thank you for your interest.

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Rims paint job

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