Reasons to love your wife

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How about Reasons to love your wife an album of Pearl Jam on Napster at at night only to wake up in the morning and realize that it was disconnected after song 3. Those things are all great but what I remember the most about is marrying the most wonderful woman in the world.

I remember December 18th, as the day that my life would forever change. But I am good at telling the world how much I love Shayla. At first I thought about writing 16 reasons why I love Shayla. You know, to celebrate our 16 Year Anniversary.

But what fun is that? If I am going to do this, I am going to do it with purpose. In honor ofI am going to list 99 reasons.

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I love Shayla equally for all reasons. Before I was ever attracted to her heart, I was attracted to her beauty. Sometimes they look green. Sometimes they look blue. That blanket has gone everywhere over the past 16 years.

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No matter what, she will always be my favorite running partner. It always looks better when she is done than it does when I do it. Sometimes I catch myself in awe of how much they love her. There's a chance we will celebrate 70 years someday. We are different. If you do not know our story. She forgave when she didn't have to. As pastors, we continually seek resources that point to Jesus, bringing healing and restoration, and leave a lasting impact.

The result was lives and marriages changed. I fully recommend this ministry to partner with yours. Do you remember ? The Broncos won the Super Bowl. The Yankees won the World Series. The Royals went and finished The Sixth Sense was the top grossing film. Reasons to love your wife was invented. Facebook was still 5 years away. Having a wife who grew up on a farm is priceless. They fit perfectly in mine.

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She will do anything for you. Plain and simple.

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It shines so bright. She has taught me so much about giving. People are attracted to her. My favorite is when she sings worship songs. Happy Anniversary Shayla. We make a great team. I love you. Newer Post Do you believe in the present tense of Jesus?

Reasons to love your wife

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10 Reasons I Love My Wife (Written By My Husband)