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When it was over, more than people were arrested, city officials and merchants were adding up the damage, and everyone was wondering who should be blamed and who should be billed. City Councilman Dan Kalmick is angry that police resources and taxpayer dollars were spent on what he called a prank. He said they have no easy answers for how to cope with the next viral video unleashed on popular platforms like TikTok that can get millions of views within days.

This is the start of summer. The origin story of what became three days of unrest in downtown Huntington Beach is a familiar one. For his 17th birthday, Adrian wanted to kick back with friends from school at the fire pits in Huntington Beach.

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Beach party celebrations are a tradition for many Southern California teens. But what happened last weekend was anything but ordinary. The announcement was curious: Who was this mystery teen, and would anyone actually go to his party? Some TikTok users, including internet celebrities, began posting about it, and videos with the hashtag adrianskickback have since drawn more than million views.

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On Saturday night, roughly 2, teenagers and young adults — some who say they drove for hours or flew in from other states — converged on the Huntington Beach Pier and downtown area in a gathering that devolved into mayhem. Partygoers blasted fireworks into a mob in the middle of Pacific Coast Highway, jumped on police cars, scaled palm trees and flag poles and leapt from the pier into throngs of people below to crowd-surf. A window at CVS was smashed, businesses were tagged with graffiti, and the roof of Lifeguard Tower 13 collapsed after it was scaled. Authorities spotted the party announcement when it began circulating last week and immediately began staffing up in preparation for what was being billed as a weekend-long event.

In all, more than officers from nearly every police agency in Orange County were called out to the beach Saturday night to help get the crowd under control.

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Clashes with police broke out Saturday, and officers fired rubber bullets and pepper projectiles as they tried to disperse the crowd. Eventually, authorities issued an overnight curfew to clear the streets. The majority of those taken into custody over the weekend were not from Orange County, police said. Inviolence broke out downtown after the US Open of Surfing. People smashed shop windows, pelted police with debris and tipped portable toilets into the roadway.

The next year, organizers stopped hosting live music at the contest and limited alcohol sales in an effort to tamp down on potential illegal activity. One reason is to simply get out of the house post-pandemic, but the human desire to be part of something big plays a role as well, said Karen North, a professor of social media at USC.

People Real guy looking for a Huntington beach date to be a part of that moment. TikTok, which debuted in the U. Cities like Huntington Beach may find it difficult to hold online platforms able for spreading information about events that turn violent or cause damage, North said. Celebrities have used TikTok to connect with fans for years.

Musicians have found success on the app, propelling their songs to widespread popularity. Now, some users say the platform and others like it are on the verge of becoming the next big party promoters. One of his videos showing a crowd swarming Lifeguard Tower 13 garnered 4 million views. His original following of people quickly ballooned to more than 3, he said. The viral event phenomenon has been gaining momentum. Last month, hundreds of people with the name Josh connected over social media and gathered at a park in Nebraska to fight with pool noodles.

Gatherings hosted by TikTok influencers during the pandemic brought hundreds of guests to mansions in the Hollywood Hills last year in violation of public health orders. Triller, an Real guy looking for a Huntington beach date.

Nearly arrested after TikTok birthday invite draws raucous crowd to Huntington Beach. He told the New York Times in an interview that he was concerned about the attention the event was getting online and decided to get a venue. The party address in L.

The crowd and police presence essentially halted the party before it had a chance to get started, according to a video posted by a teenage content creator named Donald, who goes by Donlad. In a statement posted on his Instagram on Monday, Adrian said he did not start or encourage illegal activity and did not make money from the event. I have used this time to gather my thoughts and to see what is best for me and my family. She ed the newspaper in as a reporter for the Daily Pilot, a Times Community News publication. Fry most recently covered breaking news for The Times and was part of the team that was a Pulitzer finalist for its coverage of a boat fire that killed 34 people off the coast of Santa Barbara.

Priscella Vega is a reporter for the Los Angeles Times. She ly covered city government and education for the Daily Pilot. She received a first place award from the Los Angeles Press Club in for her reporting on whether the city of Huntington Beach had overcome the racist episodes of its past following the arrest of four members of a local white supremacist group.

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Hot Property. Times Events. Times Store. Facebook Twitter Show more sharing options Share Close extra sharing options. By Hannah FryPriscella Vega. Huntington Beach has dealt with wild parties, drunken melees and political unrest. Kickback attendees blasted fireworks into crowds in the middle of Pacific Coast Highway at 6th Street.

Kickback attendees scaled palm trees and flag poles and leapt from the pier.

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Police set up containment lines near the Huntington Beach Pier after calling an unlawful assembly. In the end, more than people were arrested. California Orange County. Hannah Fry. Follow Us twitter instagram facebook. Priscella Vega. Subscribers Are Reading.

Real guy looking for a Huntington beach date

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