Pros of dating a short girl

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Petite girls are the beautiful small ones who seemingly float around the place with ease. Here is an advantage of having one as a partner. When a woman is said to be petite, it means she is attractive, delicately small and pretty. In a article on this platform, we detailed the advantages of dating a big beautiful woman.

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You can find that article by clicking here. For those who prefer to be with the small, dainty, pretty ladies, though, here are 8 advantages of doing so. She really can't get to the top of the fridge, or shelve, so she needs you to do these things for her. Many petite ladies have hot legs which are accentuated when they wear heels or stilettos. Those legs look shapelier and way sexier.

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You just pick her up and hold her tight as you apologise with sweet words in her ear… Awwwwn… so romantic, yeah? Petite girls look far sexier when they do this. They look so totally cute in the shirt which most times reaches below their knees and makes you just want to wrap them up in your embrace.

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Scientists say shorter girls have more estrogen than taller ones, therefore making them more feminine than the big girls. While cuddling a BBW lady will provide all the cushion you need, the petite girls fit so well into you. They occupy less space, which allows them to snuggle up really close to you as your arms reaches and wraps around them completely. Welcome to the Pulse Community! We will now be sending you a daily newsletter on news, entertainment and more.

Also us across all of our other channels - we love to be connected! Authors: Ayoola Adetayo.

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September 3, AM. The perks of dating a petite woman. Recommended articles. Business 'We're sorry,' Facebook apologises as crashed apps are restored. There is also the advantage of them making you feel bigger, more masculine. Hot legs. They are energetic and full of life. These petite ladies are usually lithe, agile and quick in movement.

You never have to worry about them lumbering around slowly or lazily.

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It is as though they made up for their small size with their vivacity. She looks cute even when angry. They look picture-perfect wearing your clothes. More femininity. They also say petite women tend to be more motherly than those that are not.

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Cuddling them is bliss. The sex…. Our newsletter gives you access to a curated selection of the most important stories daily. Submit your stories now via social or: : eyewitness pulse. Apple Music celebrates Nigerian Independence Day by releasing lists of the top Nigerian artists and songs. What happens to your body when you stop having sex? Here are all the pros and cons. Osinbajo believes that young people will solve Nigeria's problems.

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Pros of dating a short girl

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