People who give me Illinois thoughts

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At the dawn of the historic era, when European explorers first entered the land we now call the State of Illinois, they encountered a people who became known to the world as the Illinois or Illiniwek Indians. The Illinois were a populous and powerful nation that occupied a large section of the Mississippi River valley.

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They became important allies of French fur traders and colonists who came to live among them, and they played a key role in the early history of what would later become the midwestern United States. The story of the Illinois people is a remarkable tale of adaptation and change. Their world was turned upside down during their long association with French settlers and, later, British and American colonists.

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As time passed, their population declined and many of their traditional ways of life changed as they adapted to new situations. Eventually the Illinois were forced to leave their traditional lands and move west to Indian Territory. Their descendants, the Peoria Tribe of Indians of Oklahoma, are now scattered throughout the United States but maintain their tribal headquarters in Miami, Oklahoma.

This is the story of the Illinois people when they lived in their traditional homeland, a place the French used to call the "Illinois Country.

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Another part of the story comes from archaeologyas several of the village sites occupied historically by the Illinois people have been excavated by archaeologists. Information also comes from the descendants of the Illinois themselves, who have shared some of their traditional folk tales and have compiled photographs and other documents relating to their history.

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Many of the images presented here - including historical maps, paintings, and artifact photographs - are also part of the evidence used to develop the story. In his drawing, which shows six Illinois Indians standing or squatting, upper leftde Batz created one of the earliest known depictions of Illinois clothing, hair styles, body decoration, and weaponry.

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This component of the module is divided into nine broad sections that tell different aspects of the story of the Illinois Indians. Each section is subdivided into two or more subsections that focus on specific topics.

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Drawing of Indians of several nations, New Orleans colored pen and ink by Alexandre de Batz, enlarge.

People who give me Illinois thoughts

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