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Should you have any questions about these prcedures, call the City Clerk's Office atFAX the office at or at cityclerk cityofglensfalls. I need to obtain my birth certificate. Where do I go and what do I need to bring with me? A certified copy or transcript of birth may be issued to the person named on the birth certificate, if 18 years of age or older; the parents of the person named on the birth certificate; to the lawful representative of the person named or the parents of the person named or to a person with a New York State Court Order.

To obtain a certified copy of your birth an applicant must provide the name, date of birth, place of birth, fathers first and last names and mother's first and maiden names of the person named on the birth certificate. In order to obtain a copy, the applicant must show proper identification. A driver'sstate issued non- drivers identification card, military identification card, passport, naturalization papers, employers photo identification card or two current utility bills issued immediately preceding the application and showing the applicant's name and address are acceptable forms of identification.

I need to get a hunting or fishing from the City Clerk's Office. What do I need to bring with Park personnel glens falls ny In order to obtain any hunting Park personnel glens falls ny fishing at resident rates, the applicant must show proof of New York State residence. Valid proof of residency includes a current driver'sIncome tax form W-2 or IT or voter registration card.

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All forms of identification other than driver's s must be accompanied by a ed and completed Residence Affidavit Statement, which is available at the City Clerk's Office. Other acceptable forms of identification are 12 continuous months of utility bills, credit card bills or bank statements. If unable to show proof of New York state Park personnel glens falls ny, an applicant may purchase a hunting or fishing at non-resident rates.

In addition to showing identification, an applicant must show proof of proper hunting or trapping eligibility in order to obtain a hunting or trapping. There is no eligibility requirement for those obtaining a fishing. There are reduced fees for Senior Citizens and Military Disabled. I need to obtain a for my dog. Any dog four months of age or older must be d within the community where the owner resides in New York State.

You must bring proof of current rabies vaccination and spaying or neutering. In person or by phone at the box office at Park personnel glens falls ny Visit the Glens Falls Civic Center website for more details. Is this HUD for rental assistance? No, you need to contact the Glens Falls Housing Authority for information about rental assistance. Will the contractors come to look at the projects?

Yes, they may. The contractors have 10 days to bid on the job. Do I select the contractor? The City selects the lowest bidder from those who bid on the project. You, as a home owner, may pay the difference between the selected lowest bidder and the contractor of your choice who has participated in the bidding process.

Irregardless of the selection of the contractor, the agreement is with the homeowner and the contractor. The City of Glens Falls is not party to that agreement. After the rehabilitation is complete, how long do I have to keep the property?

The property will have to be kept for 5 years. If you sell the property before that time, the grant will be pro-rated by the City of Glens Falls Community Development Office. How many fire stations does the Glens Falls Fire Department have?

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How many personnel does the Glens Falls Fire Department have? We have 38 Uniformed Personnel. We cover the entire City of Glens Falls, which is approximately 3 square miles. What are tokens and passes? Special tokens and passes may be purchased for your convenience. Contact the GGFT office for more info.

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How do I reserve a pavilion? How do I reserve a city facility, park or athletic field for an event? Please note that the application is only part of the process, and approval is not implied with its submission. Where can I find information regarding sex offenders that might be in the area? The tourism web is full things to do all around the City, if you have any specific questions you can get in contact with Amy Collins at the Tourism Department at Any recommendations? Glens Falls has plenty of great restaurants!

Check out the "Eateries" from the Tourism main. Loading Close. Do Not Show Again Close. Paving of Glen Park personnel glens falls ny. Paving of Glen Street Read On City Hall open a. In. Home FAQs.

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What kind of building code does the City of Glens Falls use? Live Edit Close. Animal Control. Boards and Commissions.

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City Information. Community Directory. Document Center. News Flash. Notify Me. Civil Service. Common Council Agendas. Greater Glens Falls Transit. Human Resources. Property Assessment Information. Senior Center Newsletter. Website Accessibility. Arrow Left Arrow Right.

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