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We were in New Orleans for Mardi Gras. The first night we went out and saw a few of the parades down St. Charles Street in the residential area and that was pretty cool. My wife, Suzie, is striking looking, bright red hair, cute pixie face and a sexy body. We noticed that the guys riding the floats would New orleans cuckold throw her be. The parades were really family oriented and we talked to some of the couples on the street beside us. Most of them lived in the neighborhood and they told us that for them Mardi Gras was a local tradition. The next night we came back and they were there again, so we talked some more in between floats.

They told us where to meet them, at a little wine bar next to the Absinthe House. Her New orleans cuckold Dan looked like a button down lawyer type, which is what he was. So we went to the wine bar a little early, because we wanted to make sure we had seats. The Quarter was different today, it seemed as if every office had a party at one of the restaurants and the streets were full of locals and visitors in a mood to party.

Bourbon Street was packed by four. Suzie and I were having a great time watching all of the people. We were supposed to meet Dan and Michelle at six and by we were starting to feel a little disappointed when a woman in a tight red dress with a face mask came and sat at our table. What a surprise; Michelle was made up to the nines and looked great. Dan knew the bar owner so had some snacks brought to the table as well as a bottle of champagne. We sat and people watched for an hour or so, and had a great time. I tried to settle the tab only to find that Dan had already gotten it.

Michelle had a small zippered shoulder bag that she opened and pulled out two face masks, handing them to Suzie and I. Suzie shrugged and smiled. Suzie was wearing a t-shirt and jeans. We bumped our way to Bourbon Street.

There, Michelle shouted up to the balcony at the Royal Sonesta. A party was going on and she caught the attention of a bunch of guys. Her top came down, showing us a great set of tits. I looked at Dan and grinned. A couple of strands of nice be were thrown. She turned to Suzie. Now Suzie was pretty conservative despite her attitude. First she just lifted her shirt; we could see the lacy bra underneath, but it pretty much covered everything. All she got were catcalls though a woman came over and threw her some be.

We worked our way further down the street. Michelle did her thing, this time Dan stood behind her and lifted up her tits New orleans cuckold the crowd on the balcony and more be flew down. I saw lots of camera flashes and understood why they were wearing masks.

Suzie made a New orleans cuckold and I saw her doing that amazing thing women do; removing their bras without taking their shirts off. Michelle was cheering her. When she finished she pulled her shirt up and flashed the balcony. She has great tits, a lot larger than you think if you just saw her in a shirt. I saw that Dan and Michelle were looking at her pretty closely and had a little flash of jealousy, but then be were flying and we were moving down the street. We stopped at a couple of bars and picked up some daiquiris. The girls now had a serious quantity of be, but then they came to a balcony with some really large ones that Michelle decided she just had to have.

The big be flew down to Suzie. The big be came down and we moved on. Michelle came over to us with her arm around Suzie. She put her arm through mine. We were all pretty wasted. I watched as Suzie stuck her chest out. There were a lot of hard nipples. There were New orleans cuckold lots of camera flashes. The girls put their boobs away. The college girls swarmed around Dan and I and I saw his cock being grabbed and then felt fingers around mine. Of course I was hard as a rock. The girls whooped at Suzie and Michelle. We moved down the street. Suzie came over and gave me a grab and then leaned over and gave me a kiss.

I touched her pussy. The crowd had gotten really thick and as we moved through it I felt multiple hands grabbing my cock. I hoped New orleans cuckold were all female. I noticed that Suzie and Michelle were being thoroughly felt up.

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At one point Suzie and Dan moved ahead of us in the crowd and Michelle and I were pressed together. Can I have a kiss? I looked for Dan and Suzie and saw them five or six bodies ahead, moving away from us. I leaned down and felt a sharp pointed tongue in my mouth. It was very exciting and I cupped a boob and gave it a squeeze, feeling a very hard nipple.

The crowd opened up and I saw Suzie and Dan on the curb. Suzie seemed transfixed. I reached for Michelle and in full view of Dan and Suzie pulled her top down. Her nipple was hard and I leaned down to lick and suck it. When I finished I saw that there was New orleans cuckold crowd around us taking pictures. We both laughed and I covered Michelle, moving towards Dan and Suzie. The crowd was starting to get really thick so we walked down a cross street.

Michelle announced that she was hungry so we stopped at a restaurant only to find that there was an hour New orleans cuckold for a table.

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We realized we were only two blocks away from our hotel so I suggested we go there. She handed them to Suzie. They were a wet mess. Suzie did something that I knew must have been the alcohol. She put them up to her nose and took a deep breath. It was crazy packed on the street. We shuffled towards the entrance one body at a time. The girls were mauled again but we were separated in the crowd. I found Michelle stopped in front of the hotel balcony next to ours. There was a crowd on the balcony and I noticed a cute girl pointing at Michelle and shouting for a show for be.

Now that was going farther than I thought was safe. Michelle hoisted up her dress in back and backed up to my New orleans cuckold but I was pretty sure I was the only one who could see. I slipped my hand down her buttocks and felt a very wet slit and put two fingers inside while she arched back. She pulled her top down and shouted. I put my other hand around and grabbed a boob, feeling the hard nipple and looked up at the girl on the balcony. I wondered if she could see what we were doing because she licked her lips and I could see New orleans cuckold fingers under the bottom of her short skirt.

I was hard as a rock. Michelle was looking at her, leaning back against me and I could feel her pussy spasming around my fingers. She rearranged her clothing and gave me a squeeze. Maybe she was in the room.

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There was a wait for the elevator and we were squeezed in, Michelle in front. Would she jump me? Would I resist? Michelle took the card key from me and rattled it in the door.

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Dan had his back to us, but I had the impression he was zipping up his trousers. My mind reeled. Was it conceivable in any way that Suzie had been blowing him? The I unconsciously brought my hand up to my face and smelled Michelle on my fingers.

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Michelle was watching me and when she saw my fingers giggled. The door opened and Suzie walked out, her color a little high, but it could have been the alcohol. We could hear the street a little through the closed doors but not too much.

I put on some music and we sat around the living room and ordered dinner.

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Suzie walked over to the balcony doors and opened them. She was wearing thin briefs and I could see that the front panel was soaked. She looked down at them and then at me. She was naked now, walking around the room as if it was no big deal. She shaves completely and I could see that her lips were swollen. More unusually, her clit was exposed the hood fully retracted, visible to all of us. I caught the panties and put them up to my nose. I could smell the scent of her arousal. She went back to the closet New orleans cuckold picked out a dress and slipped it over her head.

Michelle was standing next to me and took the panties from my hand, sniffed them and New orleans cuckold them over to Dan. She rubbed them on his face. Suzie was watching and I saw her face flush. We all walked out onto the balcony, which was long and wide and shared with two other rooms. There were maybe fifteen people out on the balcony from the other two rooms, but they were all friendly and made room for us. Suzie had taken a dozen strands of her be and we watched the surging mass of humanity in the street below.

Michelle was standing beside her with Jack slightly behind the two of them.

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I was busy talking to our neighbors, who turned out to be sales reps from a well known liquor company. The balcony also looked across and into a topless nightclub across the street. They had a stair that went to their New orleans cuckold floor and it was lined with dancers and customers. Some of the girls were spectacular looking. As we watched Suzie leaned over the balcony to throw some be and we were treated to the sight of her shaved pussy from behind.

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