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Physicians recommend that patients with pulmonary hypertension avoid pregnancy, given the high risk of death for the mother and baby. However, Candice Cruise was unaware of her condition until she reached 21 weeks of pregnancy. The usual medical option at this time would have been to terminate the Mature mom date Midland as the only way to save the mother in this extremely high-risk situation.

With coordinated expertise of multiple specialists — including thoracic surgeons, respirologists, intensive care physicians, obstetricians, anaesthesiologists, cardiologists, and neonatologists and acute care transport specialists — the team at Toronto General Hospital TGHUHN, was able to devise a novel plan, using an artificial lung device called the Novalung.

It created an adaptable heart-lung blood flow state to stabilize Candice until she reached 29 weeks of pregnancy, to ultimately deliver her baby, and then carry Candice safely to an urgent double-lung transplant. Saving both the mother and the baby in this fashion, and then bridging the mother to a successful lung transplant is another world-first achievement of the Toronto Lung Transplant Program, at UHN. A rare life-threatening disorder, pulmonary hypertension is a condition that le to extremely elevated blood pressure of the arteries in the lungs. This increased pressure makes it difficult for the heart to pump blood through the lungs, which eventually causes the heart muscle to fail.

This unique solution was the best option for Candice, as her body and circulatory system changed as pregnancy progressed and the Novalung could adapt to Mature mom date Midland. When the developing baby was mature enough to survive, Candice was taken to the TGH operating room, with all the teams participating to perform the delivery while the mother was on ECMO support. Baby Cameron was born on June 10, She was discharged home a month later.

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Cameron was discharged from St. The family is now back at their home in Midland, Ont. I knew there was nothing wrong with him, and I felt he had a good chance. As her husband, I wanted the safest approach to save Candice, but she kept fighting for our baby. So I put my trust in the doctors here, who are excellent. The whole team was amazing. It happened in part during the third wave of the pandemic, when we were losing many young people to Mature mom date Midland.

Seeing Candice and her baby have a positive outcome, against all odds, brought joy and a glimmer of hope to everyone involved in their care. Pulmonary Hypertension is a dangerous condition, even more so for pregnant women, with a high risk of death for both mother and fetus. We are incredibly happy that we were able to combine our expertise to be able to get Candice the support she needed to survive and have a healthy baby.

Laura Donahoe, thoracic surgeon at UHN. I was really proud to be part of this multidisciplinary team that came together to help Candice get through her pregnancy safely.

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This is a remarkable medical success, but by far the most amazing part of this story is how courageously Candice persevered, and how dependably Collin supported her during those challenging weeks. John Snelgrove, maternal-fetal medicine obstetrician, Sinai Health.

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