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Her name was Linda. I heard about her and her service from a friend. She was in her mid-forties and had an aristocratic look; slim with sharp features. When I first met her I thought she was a rich sophisticated lady who was looking for some excitement in her life. That first meeting went well. We met for coffee. Even in her trim business suit you could see she was attractive, and more than a bit sexy.

Tall and slim, she dressed to accent her build. Her hair was a doe brown, cut in a short, boy style. She was dressed in a white blouse that buttoned in the front. The top three buttons were left unfastened providing a clear look at her marvelous cleavage. It was clearly obvious that she was very well endowed. Her angle long pants were appropriately snug, outlining her slim, Massage sex fantasy long legs and still tight ass, considering her maturity.

She struck me as one very attractive, mature woman. The conversation went pretty much has my friend had said it would. Linda ran a very exclusive erotic massage service. Every session was different based on the needs, desires and sexual preferences of the client. Surprisingly, I was totally at ease talking with this woman. Her smile seemed to hint at sexuality and intimacy at the same time, making me feel as if I had known her for some time. This was a good thing because the interview rapidly became very personal. She first explained about her service. Massage sex fantasy session would be based on Massage sex fantasy desires and preferences, but I would have little to do with the de of the session beyond the interview.

She would create the session for me individually. No two sessions were alike. The real interesting thing is I would not be aware of what the session would be like until it actually happened.

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It would be a total surprise, even to the point of me wearing a blindfold for most of the session. Quickly my interview turned personal. What were my sexual habits, likes and dislikes? Had I ever Massage sex fantasy with two women? Did I enjoy it? Had I ever been with a man? What type of woman do I prefer? Large breasted? Small breasted? She took notes the entire time. My answers seemed to be all over the map. I even tried to impress her by answering the question on what type of women I preferred.

I described her; bring a smile to her sexy lips. The other answers: yes to having sex with two women and enjoying it. I said no to having been with Massage sex fantasy man but admitted to being bi-curious. She spent a bit more time on this subject than the others. She wanted to know what I meant by bi-curious.

I told her I often fantasized about giving another guy a blowjob and of even having a guy fuck me in the ass. Again, she flashed that intimate smile as I revealed my most inner secret. She asked how often I had this fantasy. I was pretty vague with my answer, but when pressed told her I often thought about what it would be like giving head to another guy. I even admitted that having those thoughts got me hard and that I occasionally masturbated thinking of being fucked, anally and orally, by two guys at the same time.

Linda continued to take notes during my intimate confession, she even stared a couple of answers to make them standout. After about thirty minutes we were finished. She told me she Massage sex fantasy enough information to set up a very erotic session. That she asked if I was truly comfortable having her do that, knowing that it would be a surprise to me. She also added that the session might be something complete different for me and if I became uncomfortable at anytime I could stop it.

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I told her I was okay with the process and looking forward to the session. Then I asked what role she would play. Linda told me she had a of people on her staff. The actual make up of the session could involve one, two or even three people.

Than she gave me a hug that turned into a deep kiss, her ample breasts pressing against my chest. With that she walked away; leaving me to stare had her tight ass as she left the coffee shop. Two days later, at P. Walking up the front steps, Massage sex fantasy rang the doorbell. Linda answered almost immediately. She was dressed in a soft cotton blouse with at least half the buttons undone. The thin material parted to show her magnificent Massage sex fantasy and barely hid her nipples, visible beneath the nearly transparent material.

Her skintight jeans reached to the bottom of the black high heels she wore. She smiled invitingly and directed me into her living room. The house was well decorated and reinforced my opinion that Linda was a bored, sophisticated socialite. Passing through the living room we entered what was probably the old master bedroom, now turned into a massage studio. In the center of the room was a massage table. The walls of the room were lined with mirrors. There was also one directly above the table on the ceiling.

Something about the table struck me as odd, and as I approached it I realized there were a couple of major modifications to it. For one thing, the bottom half of the table was divided. Essentially each leg would be on a separate, and apparently moveable, section of the table.

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Linda caught my quizzical look and explained Massage sex fantasy she deed the table herself. It was created spread the legs of the person receiving the massage. I nodded in agreement, noting also some mechanical workings in the center of the table. Rather than question her further, I simply waited for direction.

Standing nude next to the massage table in such a large room, my reflection all around me, made me wonder exactly what was in store for me. The room held the massage table and a table with some lotions, lubricants and towels. Nothing seemed weird, except perhaps the mirrors, so I reached for the robe and put it on. Then, once covered I sat on the edge of the table.

A few minutes later there was a soft knock on the door.

Massage sex fantasy

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