Married and looking for a fun summer

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After all, when we become parents, we often neglect the marital relationship when we should work even harder to make it a priority. Are you working with a tight budget?

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Here are some favorite cheap summer date ideas you and your hubby or wife are going to love. This post contains affiliate links.

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I earn a small commission from these links at no additional cost to you. Pack some of your favorite foods into a pretty picnic basketfind a blanket, and head out to enjoy some sunshine together. You can pack food, drinks, blankets, games, and activities for kids, if you have any.

The best part is that it should be pretty easy to find picnic spots near your home or office. Our light three bean salad is a great picnic recipe. Nothing relieves the heat of summer like the cool sweetness of ice cream or frozen yogurt.

After you get your ice cream, take a walk together while you enjoy your cool treat. Every summer, my husband and I make a date night out of going for ice cream. We usually go to our favorite place and sit outside on the patio. The weather is perfect in the evening air with just enough breeze to keep us cool as we enjoy our sweet treats. Fun and cheap—and you can bring your own snacks without stuffing them under your clothes.

Sitting in the car on a summer night and watching an old movie is one of my favorite date nights. Bring blankets in case it gets a little chilly. Enjoying nature together can be extremely relaxing. Many of the national and state parks have areas for fishing, hiking, swimming, and other activities. Best Married and looking for a fun summer all, many offer free or very cheap admission. Go take in the scenery and get some exercise together.

Find a national park near you. Put the kids to bed early, step out on your deck or patio, and fire up the grill. Remember how good it felt to just be outdoors having fun? Forget the yard work and house maintenance. Head to a local park to swing, feed ducks, play frisbee or go for a walk.

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Many parks also host outdoor concerts during the summer, so that can be a terrific option, too. If movies are more your speed, go with that! We like to buy the movie-sized boxes of our favorite candies at Walmart or Dollar Tree. How many places have you wanted to visit but have never gotten around to?

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Window shop at a few local boutiques. Really take in the sights in your town, especially if you can find some fun, free activities to try together. Just pack a bag for the entire day and lay out in the sun and splash around the water. But we have lo of fun at our local lakes or rivers. Take some fishing poles, rent a boat or try your hand at canoeing or kayaking.

Stargazing with the one you love is the best. Pick your favorite spot in your yard or at a local park, put down a blanket and cuddle up to each other. April is almost over… May is coming up, why wait until summer?!

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My brothers and I did a back yard movie night with a projector and after we went to bed my parents were like nope we want to use it! So you could try that! Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Pinterest Facebook Twitter. Great idea! Leave this field empty. Open toolbar.

Married and looking for a fun summer

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10 Fun and Romantic Summer Date Ideas on a Budget