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Story and Photographs by John Murray. The Soldier's Monument was cloaked in brilliant orange light from the late afternoon sun. He was traveling towards the Green when he caught a red light and came to a stop about 25 feet away. Both trapped at red lights I hollered over my regret for missing his press conference two days earlier.

After much speculation the mayor had announced on July 18 that he had no intention of seeking re-election in November. We had talked about his options during a long interview in June, and although he hadn't made it official, it was clear Giordano had no intention of offering his scalp to voters in November. For the past 30 years our mayors have begged, borrowed and stolen from Waterbury's future to balance the annual budget. The destructive game of time bomb was a dirty secret passed from one administration to the next.

Rig the books and hold onto power. Let the secret out, and your political career was destroyed. The bomb was passed Lonely wife want real sex Waterbury like a hot potato from one administration to the next until it exploded in Giordano's face last autumn.

The secret was out. Taxes had to be raised. Revaluation had to be implemented. Outraged citizens screamed for Giordano's reation. The impact on Waterbury taxpayers was as destructive as an elephant stomping a carton of eggs. Giordano and wife Dawn on election night Although the crisis was clearly not all his doing, Giordano was the man holding the time bomb when it detonated. His political career was over, and he knew it. Giordano said some days he contemplated running for re-election just to screw up a possible mayoral run by State Representative Tony D'Amelio.

Although D'Amelio was a fellow Republican, the two men had a strong mutual dislike. But in the end he knew he had to get on with life outside of politics and it was time to return Lonely wife want real sex Waterbury the private sector. There was some talk about landing a political job down in Washington D. Phil Giordano had important personal decisions to make, but they could wait. It was a steamy summer night and Waterbury's high octane mayor was out cruising the mean streets on his motorcycle. Before the traffic lights changed I asked Giordano how it felt to make his plans public.

He smiled broadly, threw his hands in the air and said "A weight came off my shoulders that day," he said. The light turned green, he gave me a little wave and roared off into the night. Giordano hasn't tasted a moment of freedom since.

For starters, why exactly is Waterbury Mayor Philip Giordano being detained by the United States government without bail? All we know is that Giordano has been charged with using a telephone, or the internet, to solicit sex with two minor children. The details of his alleged crime have been sealed by a court order. Most of Waterbury is left wondering if our mayor is a pedophile. The alleged sexual misconduct by Giordano was discovered by federal agents probing into possible municipal corruption in Waterbury.

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The feds used bugs and electronic listening devices to eavesdrop on Giordano, and City Hall, since January. Besides the alleged sexual activity, what else did they find? Federal prosecutor speaks to the press after Giordano is arraigned in August Who else in Waterbury was targeted by the federal probe?

Does it involve kickbacks from towing companies? Fraudulent asbestos removal? The disastrous Angram deal? And what about the Mafia? Are there mob ties in Waterbury that led Giordano to select Worth Construction to build the new sewage treatment plant in the south end? If not, then why did Giordano withhold critical information from the board of alderman about Worth Construction?

Why didn't he divulge to the board that Worth Construction was under investigation in Philadelphia for alleged ties to the Mafia? Why didn't Giordano tell the board that Worth Construction is banned from doing business in New York City for refusing to answer questions about its ties to organized crime? Why did the mayor allow Worth Construction to build a million dollar dog pound without Lonely wife want real sex Waterbury project going to bid?

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How in the world did a slab of concrete, wire mesh and a metal roof cost a million dollars? Giordano's attorney Andy Bowman speaks with press. Why did political operative Paul Pinto, the key player in the Bridgeport corruption scandal, give more than a thousand dollars to Giordano's failed senate campaign? Pinto, who has already pleaded guilty to racketeering charges in Bridgeport, is a close personal friend of Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim.

Pinto has confessed to soliciting nearly a million dollars in kickback schemes, ranging from asbestos removal to awarding a contract to a Texas based company to run the city's waste water treatment facility. Was Pinto, who has ties to Worth Construction, trying to orchestrate a similar scheme in Waterbury? If not, why was Giordano so persistent in attempting to privatize the sewage treatment plant? What triggered the federal probe into Waterbury? Is it simply coincidence that seven months ago Paul Pinto was confronted by federal agents in Bridgeport and decided to cooperate with the investigation?

Pinto ratted on his friends and associates in exchange for leniency. Pinto's cooperation was instrumental in the Feds obtaining five subsequent guilty pleas from contractors and city officials. The target of the probe - Mayor Joe Ganim - continues to proclaim his innocence, but the feds have him surrounded. Did the two year federal probe into Bridgeport Lonely wife want real sex Waterbury the Waterbury probe?

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Worth Construction won several building contracts in Bridgeport and Waterbury. Paul Pinto's name pops up in both probes. When he was singing like a canary to the feds did Pinto rat out Giordano, as well as Ganim? Giordano had been under intense electronic surveillance for months. His office was bugged. His car was bugged. Telephones throughout City Hall were bugged. Giordano's home at Southwind Drive was bugged.

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A satellite dish reportedly sold to Giordano by undercover agents monitored computer activity in the mayor's home. Virtually every word uttered by Giordano for seven months was scrutinized by federal agents. Big Brother wasn't only watching, they were listening. And when the Feds heard Giordano allegedly conspiring to have sex with minor children they had to act quickly. There are guidelines that govern how federal agents conduct wire tap surveillance. When they overhear that a crime is about to be committed they are bound by law to intervene.

Although they were clearly not ready to move on corruption charges, the federal investigation was forced out into the open to deal with Giordano. The corruption probe may have been ruined, but Giordano had to be stopped. The Battered City. It could be worse. The citizens of Lonely wife want real sex Waterbury could actually believe the media reports suggesting there is something wrong with everybody in this city. That we are all peeping Toms and pedophiles, that the only deal we understand is a crooked one.

It's our mayor, Philip A. Giordano, who is locked up in a Federal jail, not Waterbury'scitizens. Yet this city, and her people, are being battered by a relentless media onslaught asking "What's wrong with Waterbury? It is Phil Giordano who stands accused of being a pedophile. It is Phil Giordano who is the target of a federal probe into municipal corruption.

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It is Phil Giordano behind bars, yet somehow, strangely, it feels like he's draggedfellow citizens into the Big House with him. But unlike Phil, the rest of Waterbury can make their way to freedom. Giordano's future will ultimately be placed in the hands of a jury. Waterbury's future is in the hands of her people, and will largely be determined on how we respond to this crisis. If the first two weeks are any indication, Waterbury's future is unsteady, but bright.

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The shocking and tawdry charges leveled at the mayor have galvanized Waterbury for the first time in recent memory. Decisions are being made without regard to political posturing. Democrats and Republicans are universally appalled and disgusted by the charges leveled at Giordano. While Giordano continues to be detained by federal authorities Alderman Sam Caligiuri has stepped into the difficult role of acting mayor, and has performed brilliantly.

His calm demeanor and steady hand have already provided Waterbury with focus and leadership. It is widely assumed Caligiuri will continue in his role as acting mayor until Giordano's term expires January 1, If Giordano is released on bail and attempts a self-serving return to the mayor's seat, the board of aldermen appear poised to oust him.

The aldermen votedwith Caligiuri abstaining, to ask Giordano to re as mayor. If Giordano doesn't respond by the next aldermanic meeting, August Lonely wife want real sex Waterbury, the aldermen have announced their intention to remove the mayor from office on grounds he is derelict in performing his duties. It's kind of hard to run a city ofresidents when you are locked up in federal prison. The mayor stands accused of having sex with two girls aged 9 and 10, and although in America one is innocent until proven guilty, the allegations are so repulsive that the media - and most of Connecticut - have already tarred and feathered him.

Adding to the popular perception was the fact that Giordano couldn't present his side of the story because he is being held without bail.

Lonely wife want real sex Waterbury

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