Lionel transformer hook up

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The size of the wires also matters. If you derail a train, 5. An LW has enough power to melt wire and make it smoke or even catch fire. Proper wiring for the LW transformer is a bit of a safety issue. A smooth running train is nice, but safety is a must. The throttle corresponds to the A-U posts.

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The U post goes to the center rail of your track. The A post goes to the outer rail. The two A posts are interchangeable. The LW may be the best transformer Lionel ever made for powering accessories. The A-B combination gives a useful 19 volts, excellent for switches. The A-C combination gives 14 volts, ideal for most accessories and for lights.

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The undocumented B-C combination gives you 5 volts, but bypasses the internal circuit breaker. Use an external circuit breaker if you use the 5 volt connection. If your wire runs are no more than 10 feet long, you can get by with 16 gauge wire for your track. This will keep voltage drop at an acceptable level and sufficiently carry the current.

If you have a larger layout requiring runs of feet, step up to 14 gauge wire.

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For longer than 15 feet, use 12 gauge wire. For your accessories, you can generally use thinner wire. The draw will be lower and there is much lower risk of short circuits. For lights, 18 gauge wire is usually sufficient. For switches, some people drop even lower, using phone cable.

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Stranded wire is more flexible and less likely to break. Be sure to get more than one color. The Lionel transformer hook up way is to use bus wiring. With bus wiring, you make loops of wire all the way around the underside of your layout. For an LW, you would make a loop for the A terminal, and a second loop for the U terminal.

The electricity will take the shortest route. If you have more than one transformer and you phase themthe other transformer can share the loop that goes to the outer rail. Then, at every point where you need feeder wires to your track, drill holes in the table, run wires up to the track, and splice those wires into the loop. I like to just cut the wire, strip back a bit of insulation, then twist all three wires together and secure them with a wire nut.

You can use thinner gauge wire for the short distance between the track and your bus, since the bus does the heavy lifting.

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For star wiring, you run pairs of wires all the way from the transformer posts to the points on the track where you need a connection. Some modern electronics require this method to work properly. The downside to this method is Lionel transformer hook up uses more wire. Regardless of the style of wiring you use, you need feeder wires every track ts to minimize voltage drop. Start over with your counting at each switch or crossing, as switches and crossings cause more voltage drop than regular track sections.

I prefer bus wiring, but if you run newer trains with sound and command control, you may have to use star wiring. Or you can run straight from the transformer post to the accessory if you want.

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Then you can run a wire from other post on the accessory and connect it to the loop for the A post. Or you can just connect it to the nearest outer rail. These traits and its relatively high wattage make the LW a fantastic transformer for running lights or accessories. The LW has an internal circuit breaker, but it can take several seconds to trip.

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Alternatively, you can use an American Flyer or Marx circuit breaker. I like the American Flyer because it has an adjustment knob. Normally a single train will not draw 3 amps, and a 3 amp breaker trips instantly in the case of a derailment. If you use the B-C posts for an accessory that runs on Lionel transformer hook up volts, install a breaker between one of those posts and the accessory. That way, if a breaker trips, you can tell whether it was the train or the accessory that tripped it.

Proper wire sizing If your wire runs are no more than 10 feet long, you can get by with 16 gauge wire for your track. Bus wiring or star wiring There are two ways to run wires throughout your layout. Both have advantages. Adding protective circuit breakers The LW has an internal circuit breaker, but it can take several seconds to trip. If you liked this post, please share it!

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Lionel transformer hook up

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Wiring a Lionel LW transformer