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You may order samples online. Sample must be purchased and shipping charges apply. Please keep in mind sample tiles may vary in color from future orders due to the handmade process. Santa Barbara tiles are NOT frost resistantthey should not be used on outdoor installations with potential freezing temperatures. It La quinta tile this combination of mattes and gloss finishes in a vast array of colors that our Santa Barbara ceramic tile becomes rich, vibrantly alive, and harmonious.

Our ceramic tile is handcrafted and decorated by hand using an ancient method called Cuerda Seca that literally translates to dry cord. The technique of making Cuerda Seca tile has been used for centuries in Spain and other Mediterranean countries. The depth and richness of the colors are obtained by painstakingly applying every drop of glaze by hand onto a delineated de.

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The sensuality and sophistication of our tiles is the result of the human touch that has created them. We recommend you to touch and contemplate them in order to effectively appreciate their uniqueness and high quality. If they are intended to be used in high humidity areas, we recommend the use of a penetrating sealer, specially on matte finish tiles.

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The elements in the formula of the outlines resist the flow of the glaze placed in the spaces between the lines of the pattern in the de, leaving a dry line visible as the glazes are dried on the surface of the tile. Originally the Spanish and Moors used animal fats and grease as ingredients to make the dry line and separate the glazes.

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The de of La quinta tile tile is then traced on the surface of the tile using the ancient method called Cuerda Seca, or Dry Cord. The formula used to trace the de acts as a liquid repellent which will keep the colors from mixing. When the tiles are removed from the kiln the black line makes a contrast with the brilliant colors of the gloss La quinta tile matte glazes complementing the de, giving life to unique beautiful tile.

This is the same technique used by the legendary Malibu and Catalina Potteries of the s. Tile from these potteries can still be found in many historical buildings in Southern California one such example is the Adamson House in Malibu, which displays an impressive collection of Malibu tile. This state house was deated as a Point of Historical Interest in and is open to the public. Recommended Use. Tiles are not frost resistant. Gloss glazes are recommended for these installations since matte glazes may be subject to discoloration. Recommended Rooms.

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La quinta tile per Square foot. It is recommended to revise measurements and tile quantities with an expert installer. Do not use cleaners with an acid base since these may cause discoloration. These tiles are exactly as they look La quinta tile the picture. I used them for a border in my bathroom, alternating with the red flower and they look very nice. This company is a pleasure to deal with, as their orders are shipped in a timely manner. I have ordered several times and have had no problems. It's always a bit scary to order from an online company, but this one has been very good to me.

I used the 2x2 as accent tile in a diagonal pattern with a honey colored quarry tile. Just beautiful. Description Specs Matching Colors Reviews. Raw tile bisquets drying. When dry they are ready be to deliniated with the outline of a particular de, and then to apply all the tile colors. Glazes are similar to glass and are made from glass-forming materials, such as silica, alumina, and lime with various mineral oxides added for coloring, such as iron tancopper greenmanganese blackuranium orangenickel browncobalt bluechromium redand antimony yellow.

This ingredients are mixed in a finely form.

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Our Santa Barbara Malibu style glaze formulas are made only by experts who have spent years at our factory developing them. This a complicated process since we constantly use matte and glossy glazed finishes within the same tile. Showing bulb syringes; used to inlay glazes onto the tile. Artisan applying the different glazes onto the outlined La quinta tile de. Every single drop of glazed is painstakingly applied onto a tile by hand. The glazes have to have the right thickness: if too thin, the color would break; if too thick the colors would run La quinta tile or overrun the tile. It takes months of training to become efficient at decorating tiles with a syringe.

Artisans apply the different glazes onto the outlined tile de. Artisans apply the different glazes onto the outlined tile de with great care and attention to detail. Add your review of this product 5. By Christie Whiteside Lovely tiles and great service These tiles are exactly as they look in the picture. By Denise Duffy Gorgeous I used the 2x2 as accent tile in a diagonal pattern with a honey colored quarry tile. How do you rate this product? Use penetrating sealer. SIZE in. Care and Considerations.

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