In need of a magical Northway Alaska

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It is already midnight before I can sit down at the hotel to do the diary, and even then, I am a few days behind! Both the Ximango and I are now registered in the computer system, so it takes two minutes to clear. It was a good suggestion from my virtual buddy Cam to do customs here rather than in Fairbanks. This will be the last easy customs post for a long time!

Cam was still at work when I reached Fairbanks so Cathy and Heather came to met me.

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Cam has been a gem, receiving packages for me through the post and booking a hotel in advance, all through contact established on the Internet. He is a pilot and owns a plane kept at his home on Baffin Island, on the far side of Canada. Despite rushing to the airport early on Saturday in the hope of finding someone to fix the autopilot, nothing can be done till Monday.

Everyone has gone fishing. With global warming, it will become positively tropical here, with palm trees sprouting up amongst the spruce. My Russian co-pilot Yakov Sabodin arrived, thanks to a jump seat from another obliging FedEx captain.

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Together, we spent the day fixing up the plane and rearranging luggage and equipment so that he can squeeze in beside me. A jump seat on FedEx is much more roomy! I felt cramped before, but I was actually spoilt for space. Now things are going to get really tight!

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Ever since I was interviewed by the local newspaper, the Daily News-Miner, people at the airport come up and say: Hope you can fix your autopilot! Everyone in town seems to know about the flight. Jo and Clint, two computer experts, have helped me resolve a technical problem with the configuration of the Nera sat-phone. Clint is right on the ball and in two seconds downloaded a program that solved the problem, in addition to making a complete back-up CD of all photos, research data and files for mailing back to Brazil.

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Thanks, Clint! So the latest good news today as I write, on Sunday at 11 pm 11 am Monday in Moscow is that Yakov has talked to Central Civil Avaition chief Mr Gennady, confirmed our flight details and obtained our magic clearance Well done Captain Yakov, and thank you very much for your assistance Mr Gennady. Yakov has also spoken to the military commandant in Anadyr, who confirmed that all is in order.

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So it seems we are cleared by the civil and military authorities. What more could we want? Only the future will tell. All we need to do now is fix the auto-pilot hopefully early tomorrow, Monday and we will be on our way to Nome, our last US airport before Siberia. I am watching the weather patterns developing over the Bering Straight.

Fingers crossed. Destino Aventura. Vida ao Ar Livre. Sem categoria. Turismo Brasil. Aerial view of Whitehorse capital of the Yukon foto:.

In need of a magical Northway Alaska

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