How to get my confidence back after a break up

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No matter how many times you listen to a Taylor Swift song after a breakup, the pain from a heartbreak can feel unbearable to go through. Having a chapter close in your life, like a romantic relationship, is not something anyone would ever want to experience — whether they decided to pull the plug or not. Experiencing this type of loss can be very detrimental to your health and self-confidence.

However, there are ways to overcome this mental road block by using a few tricks. You would think it would be easier to heal after each breakup you experience, but every situation is different. Every person that enters into your life is supposed to be there for a reason — whether to teach you a lesson or help you grow in some way.

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Relationships — especially romantic ones — may challenge your thoughts and help you discover things about yourself. Having a healthy support system will help you heal and feel confident. Friends and family can listen to you vent and provide a shoulder to lean on when you feel sad. Make sure to schedule a few friend dates to get out of the house and do something fun.

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Even though you may want to hide in a closet and binge-watch your favorite Netflix show, you may feel better if you pretend to feel happy. An easy way to help change your mindset is by wearing things that may make you feel confident. Take the time to pick out an outfit that will bring out your inner girl boss, try a new hairstyle — heck, even brush your teeth. A little bit of grooming and self-care can help you feel more confident and may even heal your heartbreak. There may be one or two things you never had the chance to begin or accomplish because of your relationship.

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Focusing on new projects can allow you to feel accomplished and brave and may even spark a new venture for you to explore. This is the perfect time to dust off your shoulders and build up your self-worth by going after the things that once made you feel alive. Source: hannahbronfman. It can be easy to engage in negative self-talk when you go through a breakup. You may second-guess your self-worth, which can affect your self-confidence.

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Instead of focusing on the negative and beating yourself up over the past, gain your confidence back by challenging your thoughts. Every day, write a few things down about why you love yourself.

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It might feel silly at first, but the more you practice this, the quicker you may fall back in love with yourself again. March 23, Feature image via New Darlings. Log In Good to see you again.

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How To Regain Confidence After A Breakup