How to act when dating a coworker

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Forgot your password? Don't have an ? up today. Never created a password? Create one here. Already have an ? Log in here. Thanks, but no thanks. No, thanks I'm already a PureWow fan. No, thanks I hate pretty things. A whopping 54 percent of American workers admit to having had a crush on a coworker, according to a survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management.

Of course, a crush is harmless, but if an innocent flirtation le to a full-fledged romance, how do you navigate dating a coworker without jeopardizing your job and putting your professional future at risk?

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We asked Amy Bakera professor of psychology at the University of New Haven with a concentration in workplace romance, to lay out the rules of romantic engagement at the office. Read the fine print carefully: Some policies prohibit dating a subordinate while others prohibit office romance altogether.

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If asked about your relationship by a colleague, briefly acknowledge it and move on. I hope you understand. Even if you eventually come clean about your courtship, colleagues may still lament the fact that at one point it was a secret you kept. This includes over-the-top gushing about your relationship—all details better shared with friends and family away from work. Fighting—even passive aggressively—at the office is a major no-no, says Baker. No one, but especially not your colleagues, wants to witness that.

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This is a big one, according to Baker. Also, this is where workplace gossip starts to creep up again. They also can be very difficult to deal with emotionally. Try to keep in mind that your career may be affected by how you handle yourself in this situation and, again, lean on friends and family How to act when dating a coworker are not coworkers for support.

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How to act when dating a coworker

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