How long can you be high off weed

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Go here to calm yourself or a friend. One of the eternal questions in cannabis culture has finally been answered by science: After consuming marijuana, how long will you stay high? The intoxicating high from a lighter inhaled dose will generally last for three hours, while a deep dabbing session or heavy edible may keep on hitting for six to ten hours.

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McCartney and her colleagues undertook a comprehensive analysis of 80 scientific studies on cannabis dosage and intoxication. Because the focus of their study was on the effect of cannabis intoxication on driving skill and awareness, much of the work skewed toward answering those questions.

The researchers found that cannabis consumers recovered most of their driving-related skills within five hours of inhaling 20mg of THC. Consumers who consumed the same amount of THC via an edible took longer to recover their driving skills.

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Most cannabis edibles in legal markets are dosed at 10mg per serving, and mg total THC per package. In their review of the scientific literature, McCartney and colleagues found that the intoxicating effects of edibles and beverages usually last much longer than inhaled products. But ingesting 20mg of THC via an edible or beverage diminished reaction time for eight hours, twice as long. For the purposes of this study, McCartney and associates considered 10mg of THC to be a moderate dose.

But a moderate dose for a regular consumer, they added, could be a high dose for an occasional one. As many cannabis consumers know, regular use can result in the body and mind building up a tolerance for cannabinoids ingested from sources outside the body, such as weed.

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This was also confirmed by the University of Sydney researchers. Co-author Dr. Heavy users show ificant tolerance to the effects of cannabis on driving and cognitive function, while typically displaying some impairment.

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How long will a weed high last?