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Many people travel from Sea Isle City to get their piercing at The End Is Near because of our high quality, safe and trustworthy piercers. So make it a day and see what our lovely neighborhood has to offer. We are situated in chic and happening Park Slope, considered to be one of the most enviable neighborhoods in all of New York City.

The End Is Near is a high end piercing shop. We offer high quality body piercing, facial piercing, and genital piercing to get your desires. Our piercing studio is suitably located on bustling 7th Avenue inside a historic building that is more than a century old, with private residences upstairs and a couple of commercial establishments below. This gives our piercing shop a homey and private ambience right in the middle of one of the swankiest cosmopolitan neighborhoods in the city. Our team of professional, artistic and highly experienced piercers can assist you with all the information you need as to location as well kind and type of piercing best suited for your preferred area.

We also provide excellent after care service to ensure that your Housewives looking sex NJ Townsends inlet 8243 is healing correctly. We strive to give you the best piercing experience around. Your body is a beautiful canvas just waiting to be transformed into one of the ultimate forms of self-expression. We are honored to be your guide through your transformation.

We know how our clientele values privacy and convenience, which is why at The End Is Near the satisfaction and convenience of our customers is our one priority…. We are a piercing shop open late so we can accommodate all our customers schedules. To help us serve you to the best way possible, please provide us with information on how many people, including kids are in your group. If you are in a group please arrive early to make sure there is ample time to sterilize all the jewelry chosen as well as fit out the release forms.

By experience, groups with kids can be accommodated the best on weekday afternoons Housewives looking sex NJ Townsends inlet 8243 evenings. We are also more than happy to stay late any day so as to provide you with the best service possible.

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Here are all of our piercing policies for you to look over before coming in for your appointment. Most of the initial piercings that we perform are done using titanium posts that feature interchangeable ends. Titanium is the best material since it is hypoallergenic and quite easy to care for. However, depending on the placement and style of jewelry required, we also offer gold and surgical steel choices too.

Our experienced piercers will determine the length and gauge of the post that will provide the best based on the area of the body in order to deliver the most painless and quickest healing time. The style choice we leave to you. The End is Near offers an excellent array of options ranging from the simplest of expressions to the most opulent jewelry possible.

Your piercer will provide you with verbal and written instructions on how to care for your piercing.

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We do recommend that you call or visit the studio if you have any questions or concerns throughout the healing period. Our piercers can provide you the best advice on when your piercing is ready for a jewelry change or just a little more TLC. At The End Is Near our specialty is to provide the best body piercing experience possible to all our customers. Our excellent service and schedule is the most flexible anywhere.

We are also very easy to find. If this is the first time you are going to have a body piercing we can imagine the worst when confronted with the unknown, however when it comes to piercings it is always the anticipation that is usually the most painful part of the process. We are not like other piercing parlors out there, we take great pride in the skill and years of experience of our professional piercers.

Our piercers will guide you all throughout the procedure so that that you always know what is happening in order to ensure that you have the most pleasurable and satisfying piercing experience possible. The End is Near serving Sea Isle City is the ultimate place to find the the highest quality body jewelry for piercing. We provide an array of jewelry choices ranging from the simplest to the most extravagant. Our body jewelry shop prides itself on offering our customers only the highest quality body jewelry that is safe to use on all kinds of body piercings.

All our metals are tested by a laboratory in order to ensure that they comply with the highest industry standards for safety and do not contain even traces of nickel and other alloys that are known to cause severe allergic reactions.

Selecting the right kind of body jewelry can sometimes be a Housewives looking sex NJ Townsends inlet 8243 of a challenge if you are not familiar with what body piercing size you should have. Our body piercers can assist you on the size of piercing best for a particular area of the body.

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All body jewelry at The End Is Near feature accurate descriptions such as size, length, gauge and materials so as to ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for. Your convenience is our top priority. You can buy our jewelry online or if you want pick it up in store or have it shipped to you at your home in Sea Isle City. Heavily influenced by Asian and African cultures, facial piercings have become increasingly popular since the s as a means of self-expression. While still considered provocative these days, facial piercing is for people that like to live on the edge.

There are literally dozens of different piercings that you can get in order to provide a gorgeous accent to your favorite facial features. If you have expressive eyes you can show it off with a nicely done piercing on your eyebrow. A bridge piercing is the one to get if you want attention directed to the center of your face.

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Want to accent Housewives looking sex NJ Townsends inlet 8243 luscious lips? Try a medusa or a labret piercing that best suits you. Have a distinct desire to wear jewelry on the sides of your cheek? No problem because with facial piercing you can do all that and more here at The End Is Near. Facial piercings are a great means of modifying the features of your face.

If you have ever been into face and body art, then a facial piercing Sea Isle City can be something to give a shot. Keep in mind though that facial piercings are considered to be the most prominent type of piercings that you can get. This type of piercing is recommended for people that want the piercing to be immediately seen. It is for this reason that it is totally worth considering a kind of facial piercing that works best with your lifestyle in Sea Isle City. At The End Is Near our experienced and professional piercers can recommend the best area on your face to have the piercing done.

If there is a need to hide your facial piercings at school or at work then it is recommended to invest in piercing retainers. Crafty use of piercing retainers can make virtually most facial piercings seem invisible. This allows you to have more freedom to get the piercings you want and hide them if there is a necessity to do so.

One of the most popular areas culturally and aesthetically to have a facial piercing, ear piercings Sea Isle City are widely accepted and may be done on kids as long as there is permission from a parent. The cool thing about ear piercings is not only that there are dozens to choose from, they also heal relatively quickly and almost no stress is placed on the immune system during the healing period.

Our experienced piercers here at The End Is Near can provide you with advice on placement for best. Do you think a nose ring is something for you? They are a perfect means for accenting the natural shadows and impression of your nose.

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Nose piercings are normally comprised of a stud on the right or left side of your nose. A bridge piercing is a type of piercing that rests in between your eyes, going through the bridge of your nose while nasallang piercings typically goes into one half of the nose and then out the other using some barbell-type of jewelry. The septum is the middle bar of skin that fades into your jestrum.

A septum piercing is a type of piercing comprising horizontal or vertical rings that pass through the inner part of the nose. Septum piercing is a type of piercing that passes through the nasal septum — a piece of cartilage that separates the nostrils. In this type of piercing the cartilage itself is usually spared as there is a soft spot found in between the lower and upper section of the nasal septum cartilage.

The actual piercing is normally performed towards the front area of the nose in order to let the jewelry to hang freely. The type of jewelry associated with septum piercings are the ball closure rings and circular barbell jewelry. A tongue piercing is one of the more popular kinds of piercings done. Prior to getting a tongue ring there Housewives looking sex NJ Townsends inlet 8243 a need to educate your self on the risks and Housewives looking sex NJ Townsends inlet 8243 measures associated with this piercing in order to ensure you properly take care of it afterwards.

Our professional piercers can help and educate you on the procedure and how to care of it once completed. Keep in mind that is the size of an initial tongue piercing; once the healing process is complete the length of the barbell may still be shortened.

There is nothing like lip piercing to accent those luscious lips. There is no doubt that the lips are the most sensual part of the face aside from the eyes. At The End is Near we can help you make those beautiful lips standout with the right lip piercing and body jewelry to go with it. To put it simply, a standard lip piercing is a single, off-centered piercing of the lower or upper lip normally carried out using 14 or 16 gauge.

The most popular jewelry for this kind of piercing are captive bead rings or labret studs and circular barbells. We can advise you on the best placement depending on the features of your lips in order to get the best. Simply put, tragus piercing is performed on the anatomic area of your ear that covers the ear canal.

Housewives looking sex NJ Townsends inlet 8243

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