Hot homeless girls

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By Zoe Tabary. France, like most European countries, has seen a rise in homelessness in the past decade, fueled by fallout from the global financial crisis and an influx of migrants from Africa and the Middle East. Only women were admitted under the mayoral initiative, part of a broader scheme to get people off the streets over winter. Homelessness is worse for women, many of whom hide in parking lots Hot homeless girls waiting rooms to escape a daily diet of harassment and violence, said Francoise Khenfer of the Samusocial de Paris, a government-funded charity that runs emergency services for the homeless.

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Opened at the end ofthe city hall shelter is the size of three tennis courts and the women live, sleep and eat in two grand salons on the western flank, with the rest of the building given over Hot homeless girls office work and official events. It provides shelter to some 50 women by night and another 75 during the day, giving them a visibility they had lacked and referring them to the health and social workers they need. Although homeless women are nothing new, many cities are poorly equipped to support them and only offer mixed-sex shelters where violence and theft are rife, said Khenfer.

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But very few of them will go on to press charges, she said. Marie-Claire, who declined to give her surname for safety reasons, fled to Europe in after her husband injured her knee in her native Cameroon.

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After sleeping in hospital waiting rooms for nearly a month, a social worker directed her to the city hall shelter, where she has applied for a residence permit and is awaiting knee surgery. From a tiptoeing ballerina wearing a black lace veil to a faceless figure stretching her arms open, a dozen papier mache dolls are displayed on a wooden table.

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Marie-Claire, who opted to build a letter box over a doll, said the workshops had made her want to open up. Visit news.

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Hot homeless girls

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