Hon matchmaking not loading

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By BirdrobberMay 27, in Indeterminate. I will make this short as I no Hon matchmaking not loading play the game and run a stricly 0 nonsense policy. I have no gamefiles to share with you. I expect this long lasting issue to be taken seriously if you actually care for the player base. Queues stalling and counting up infinitely has been a frequent occurrence that me and my friends have complained about for years on both fresh and old PC builds, and on both fresh and old HoN installations. I still see people complaining about this on the HoN facebook which is really unacceptable.

Fixing this annoyance would be one incentive for me to actually return to the game. Our only very temporary solution to the bug was to have the entire team log out and log back into the game to re-enter the queue. Although, this did not always work, if I recall correctly. You may be busy but this Hon matchmaking not loading has wasted hundreds and maybe thousands of gametime hours of your player base.

A player base that is merely trying to queue for a game, just to realize that the client broke on them again. I no longer play the game and this is one reason that I don't. If you see a problem in me posting this, you can delete it. Although that would be a sad attempt at troubleshooting for a long-lasting issue like this. It just isn't acceptable. I am currently not playing the game, although I am sure that some players can reply to this with their own s and detailed information on the issue. Unless another thread of this issue already exists. Rejecting bug reports out of hand is a great way to piss off a community that want to like the game.

The HoN Facebook isn't an official way to report bugs. The vast majority of bugs they report aren't in the correct format much like yours and lack info required to actually diagnose the bug. People still don't know that if they want something fixed, they have to report it in the official manner.

People also don't know that if we can't willingly replicate a bug, we can't diagnose it either, and it usually in the bug not being fixable. It's not that we don't want to fix a bug at times, but there Hon matchmaking not loading a need for info.

I'll move this to Indeterminate not Rejected because we need more information.

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I'll have you know that this bug hasn't been reported on the forums to my knowledge. Long story short: if I don't hear about it in 1 way or another, then chances are the bug can't be looked into because I'm the one who manages it. As for the bug itself: if you or others want to help, it is imperative to have some kind of replication steps Hon matchmaking not loading out or at least the conditions surrounding your queue - is it first queue of the day, for example?

Is this consistent? I don't care about official channels for reporting. I have already more than gone out of my way to use this forum to report it, to begin with. I am pretty sure that most players can agree to that sentiment. The game is here to prove itself to the outside world, not to lay down nonsense bureaucracy that just makes people unhappy and slows down its development. The more difficult you make it, the higher the chance that people won't go out of their way to help you improve the game.

You can try to discredit the facebook all that you want, but that is ultimately just incredibly unprofessional as the facebook shows s of how the game is being perceived by the outside world, including the bugs that they encounter. An outside world that is ultimately going to keep the game alive or Hon matchmaking not loading. It's not about bureaucracy, it's about not potentially wasting time. Have you looked at Youtube comments? Twitter comments? Players also aren't aware of our current resource levels. You don't have to agree with me - I just wanted to explain that what you're seeing isn't the whole story.

I don't really see a need for that kind of filter. It will take away too much valuable information. Brainstorming and experimenting would be the ideal solution to me.

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One way could be to try to quantify the bugs and issues that people post and then prioritize those bugs that people mention the most. Leaving it open for people to post feedback on that issue. Discouraging users from contributing just isn't a lasting solution.

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The fact that you have never heard of the bug I just reported, compared to how often it is mentioned on the facebook and how long it has existed, it really proves that there is a problem with internal communication inside frostburn. Surely somebody is managing the HoN social media presence that can analyze and forward what they encounter. Linking to the forum when users complain about bugs would not hurt Hon matchmaking not loading.

I see that somebody is responding using the Heroes of Newerth name on the facebooksurely they can be activated. It sounds weird, but i had this glitch back in the days sometimes at Garena and sometimes at the normal client, while i had an german version of it.

Once i got the english one back, it never happened to me again for some years now. Are you playing on an other language setting than english? They are trying their best and are literally spending alot of freetime and passion into this for very little efford. Be happy they are trying their best and not letting this game die, like the big companies are doing to their games Heroes of the Storm, Hex Shards Hon matchmaking not loading Fade, Diablo 2 etc.

You seem to be missing the point. Maybe you should read again from the beginning. Let us turn it around for a second Maybe you should be happy that I care. Once in a while a group may queue for a ranked game of matchmaking and never end up being able to play. This is because there are no suitable players for them to play against. The matchmaking system ensures the matches are fair by forming teams of approximately equal skill level. If a team of a certain skill level begins queuing for a match, it is well within the realm of possibilities that there simply is no match to be had.

The player base is finite, there is a limited pool of players for the matchmaking system to choose from. For example, if you decided to queue for a game of HoN with a group of four others, and it just so happened that your team of five could not be matched against any other team because not enough players were queuing or the difference between the combined skill level of your team and any others was too great then there will never be a match for that group of five to play.

If the five lowest Hon matchmaking not loading players in HoN, the players on the very bottom of the ladder, were to form a party of five and queue for matchmaking it is in my opinion quite likely that they will not get a match. This is something of an extreme example, but it illustrates the possibility of a group that queues for matchmaking and is unable to play a game.

There are some scenarios, such as the one above, in which a group of players, or perhaps even one player, may be unable to get a match using ranked matchmaking. However, for the most part, the matchmaking system is working wonderfully as many thousands, if I am not mistaken, of matches are played each day. The matchmaking system forms matches for the majority of the player base. More often than not, a player queuing for a game of HoN will receive a match. If you ever are in a situation where you are unable to queue for a match because you or your friends that you play with are outside of the skill level required to queue for a match, such as you and your friends having too low or too high of a skill level, hopefully the latter, the solution would be to create a new and queue for a game of matchmaking.

Since HoN welcomes new players each day, a new will always be able to queue for matchmaking. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. It's easy! Already have an ? in here. Recommended Posts. Birdrobber 2 Posted May 27, Posted May 27, edited. Hello people I was unable to find this issue on the forums, although that may Hon matchmaking not loading be me.

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Hon matchmaking not loading

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