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A friend recommended that i check this place out but after reading the reviews and seeing that women are not allowed to be entertained here, i will not be coming. This seems to be a really common pratice in the tristate area. Ive been to 3 other clubs and the dancers all said they dont entertain women because women are drama. Friends from work and I finally made it down here and 3rd or 4th dancer in was my 9th grade english teacher. I told my friends it was weird seeing her up there and I wanted to split.

Hip hugger kokomo indiana the good friends they were, they got up and one pulls her over and buys me a lapdance with her. It was the most awkward thing ever and ended up being my first and last lapdance ever.

It was a 2 for 1 dance. First song, she proceeded to ask how I was doing in school. She was no longer a teacher as they let her go after 1 year. She also asked about my mom. Only gave 4 stars because women arent allowed to get solo dances, but I couldnt get a reason why. Other than that, not bad.

Cozy place, not too smoky, has an 80s vibe. The females are pretty, and there was one for every taste dancing on a Saturday night. They were all nice duh even though I couldnt buy a dance Hip hugger kokomo indiana them.

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I would suggest checking this place out. Wish I could give no stars. The club was drab! There was an amazing girl that my husband and I liked alot. I asked if we could get a dance from her and she said that she cant. So no couple dances. I asked if I could get a dance.

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I have been to a lot of strip clubs and I have never heard that. All I can say is this, they had alot of dancers. Id rate them as far as body, personality, amd overal looks as a 7. Heres my complaint. Waited on my pitcher of beer for 15 min. Then the next one was another 15 min. I finally worked up the courage to get a few lap dances. First girl very nice atrractive and smelled very good down there as Hip hugger kokomo indiana got my finger wet. The next 2, total trodes, stinky holes and didnt know how to dance. The next thing i noticed is there are no bouncers around.

Only the female bartender and what i pd was the owner. He was very old. I want to feel safe and i didnt at all. Bad experience all around.

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Wont be back. Still the same after all these years.

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Yes only Bud draft for beer and watery mixed drinks. Weekends are packed, weekdays are not so bad, but not as many entertainers. All in all still a good place to relax and enjoy your self. You can even get a pool game or games in. Not that many girls but I ran into one of my old favorites halo blonde short hair 8. She made my night worth coming in. Other than that the place was busy and the girls looked good.

Still the same hugger since last visit. I only gave 5 stars because all the girls that working never asked me for a lap dance except for 1, and I actually know this girl I was there during their day shift and it was pretty pathetic. Only about 5 girls there and they werent very motivated. I left after having drank an entire pitcher myself and never had an offer for a dance once.

This place used to be very good. Now whole city is dying so please visit here. The best place in Kokomo or Hip hugger kokomo indiana. Took my buddy for his 21st birthday, my first time as well. Place is kind of outdated, but I was impressed with not only the quality of the dancers, but the amount of dancers they have per night. Felt as professional as a strip club can feel I guess. Mens bathroom only has urinals, which I can only guess why. So plan Hip hugger kokomo indiana. Overall we had a blast, and not only would I return, I recommend going at least once. Theres local Uber as well.

I walked in the club seconds before a girl asked for a tip, for a dance I didnt see. When I declined she called me an idiot under Hip hugger kokomo indiana breath. She was right; I was an idiot for visiting this club.

All organizations All cities. Hiphugger, Kokomo, In. Bar has dive look but the women are beautiful! Great clean place, very attractive girls, the owner used to be from Wisconsin. Clean, affordable lap dances and drinks. Also plenty of girls circulating through randomly! Super chill and best looking girls! Plenty of sexy ladys and affordable dances. Had good time last night. Not gucci. Went downhill lately. Quality of dancers has declined the last few years. Its a nice place. Beautiful girls. This place is a dump. This place is an institution of kokomo.

Great time. This is fun. Working hours. Similar organizations.

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