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You may be able to minimize puffiness by making changes to your diet and exercise routine. This can help reduce body fat and strengthen your chest. You can reduce puffiness in your pectoral area by doing chest exercises.

These exercises are specifically deed to tighten and tone your pectoral and chest muscles. You can use these exercises to create a custom workout plan. For maximum effect, one workout should include at least a handful of different chest exercises. You can perform exercises with fewer sets and more repetitions, or vice versa. For example, you can do 1 to 3 sets consisting of 8 to 12 repetitions, or 2 to 6 sets of 1 to 8 repetitions.

Once you have a workout plan in place, Guy big nipples to do one minute chest workout two to three times a week. You can gradually increase the frequency and duration as you build up your strength. Be sure to rest one day each week. Ideally, your exercises will be balanced with some type of full-body cardio so you can get a full workout. You can also build up your chest muscles by doing a full-body exercise like rowing or swimming for at least 15 minutes.

If you want to go this route, add a couple of rowing or swim sessions to your weekly rotation. In some cases, puffy nipples are the result of too much estrogen and fat. You may be able to correct this by making a few dietary changes. Mindful eating may also help you get fit and stay in shape. Your doctor can provide more detailed information about what you should eat and what you should avoid when following a low-fat diet. They may also be able to recommend a diet better suited to your individual needs. If you think your hormone levels may be to blame, you should eat a diet rich in testosterone and low in estrogen.

Try adding these testosterone-rich foods to your diet:. You should also make an appointment with your doctor. Your hormone levels may be tied to an underlying condition. Your doctor may be able to recommend other therapies or prescribe medication to help regulate your hormones. Herbal supplements may also help reduce puffy nipples. Some of them are thought to work by boosting testosterone levels.

Although some evidence suggests that these herbs can boost testosterone in men with underlying conditions like Guy big nipples dysfunction, more research is needed. To date, there are no scientific studies connecting herbal supplements with decreased nipple puffiness. Some supplements can cause unpleasant side effects or have dangerous Guy big nipples with over-the-counter and prescription medications. Your doctor can discuss your individual risks and advise you on use. Your doctor may be also able to recommend a specific brand or product. You should always follow the dosage information provided on the label.

They may be able to refine your existing treatment plan to better suit your needs. They can also discuss your options for surgery. The procedures below are often used to treat gynecomastia. They may also be used to treat puffy nipples tied to other conditions. Some insurance plans may cover surgery costs. Your insurance company may be more likely to cover the costs if your doctor can show Guy big nipples having puffy nipples, or an underlying condition that causes them, is affecting your health.

If you have unwanted puffiness around your nipples, talk with your doctor.

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In some cases, targeted exercise and dietary changes may be enough to reduce the appearance of puffy nipples. You should also talk with your doctor if you want to explore supplements as a treatment option.

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They can discuss your individual risk of side effects and interactions. Whatever you decide, know that can take time. Surgery is Guy big nipples only treatment option that may provide immediate. Here are 7 safe and effective exercises men can do to strengthen, sculpt, and define their chest muscles. Do you have low testosterone? Several foods might be helpful for increasing your T level — a few may surprise you. Here are eight healthy options for…. LCIS is a benign breast condition involving abnormal growth of cells.

Breast abscesses are painful accumulations of pus that develop from untreated infections.

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Depending on the size of the lump, you may not have to…. It's hard to know the right thing to say. These tips can help. A mammogram is an important screening test for breast cancer that usually only takes about 30 minutes. A 3-D mammogram may take a little longer. This may be due to: low testosterone levels gynecomastia steroid use excess fat You may be able to Guy big nipples puffiness by making changes to your diet and exercise routine.

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Read on to learn how to maximize your workout, what foods Guy big nipples should be eating, and more. Targeted exercise. Share on Pinterest. Dietary changes. Herbal supplements. Surgical procedures. Talk with your doctor. Read this next. Medically reviewed by Peggy Pletcher, M. Medically reviewed by Angelica Balingit, MD. Breast Abscesses: Types, Treatment, and More. Medically reviewed by Krystal Cascetta, MD. Fibroadenoma Removal Surgery and Recovery. Medically reviewed by Jenneh Rishe, RN.

Medically reviewed by Timothy J. Legg, Ph. Medically reviewed by Michelle Azu, M. Medically reviewed by Carolyn Kay, M.

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Causes and treatment of puffy nipples in men