Girl doesnt want to hook up

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SO this girl drops me a lot of s and stuff that she's interested in me but every time I kinda jokingly bring up hooking up, she acts Girl doesnt want to hook up she doesn't want to or she says something like "You Wish :P". Share Facebook. This girl seems interested but doesn't want to hook-up? Add Opinion. You sould like a disgusting pig. Excuse her for wanting to be more than someone's hook up. Saying that making out is hooking up makes making out sound so sleazy and trashy.

You're making yourself look bad bringing up "when are we hooking up" comments all the time. RedSmartie 1. Well duh, she doesn't just want a relationship. She wants more. Any girl with sense would turn a guy she likes down when he asks for a hook up or a makeout session or any detached physical intimacy because she knows he just wants to take advantage of her affections to get off.

Could be confidence issues, game playing, or literally hundreds of other explanations depending on the specific circumstances. Not enough detail to call this one, in my opinion. Up Now! Related Questions.

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Show All. Guy seemed interested but now feels kind of distant? Please help! What do I do? She seems interested but hesitant to give me her Did he block me because he doesn't want me to see that side of him? Why would a guy act this way?

I am utterly confused! I've been texting a girl about 2 weeks. She seems interested in me BUT sometimes im unsure. How am I supposed to know? Sort Girls First Guys First. I agree with the other women. She doesn't want to "hook up". She might want to go out on a date with you.

If you like her like that, then ask her out and you will know.

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I see you are under 18 so maybe hang out with her after school, do some studying together, watch a video at someones house. Good Luck! Stop saying hook up or anything that sounds like it. She'll think you're trying to use her. If you really want her, take her out on a date and get to know her.

Doesn't have to be a generic date, just find something you're both interested in. Lunaipse Xper 4. She wants a relationship. The reason she says things like 'you wish :P' is because you bring it up jokingly so she's taking it as a joke and not seriously.

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Maybe she's a humble girl that wants a relationnship not some one time fling! She probably likes you and wants more than just a hook up and doesn't want to ruin anything. You guys are young and hook ups aren't and shouldn't be common. She deserves better and so do you. She wants to date first not a makeout session.

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She wants a relationship not a hookup. Related myTakes. I fear for my country! What I think it means to love your Heavenly Father. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Learn more. Yes No.

Girl doesnt want to hook up

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A lot of women don’t enjoy hookup culture—so why do we force ourselves to participate?