Framingham to worcester

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The Auburndale commuter rail stop. The MBTA is planning two major projects on the line from Newton to Framingham — adding handicap accessible, double-sided Framingham to worcester at the Newtonville, Newton, and Auburndale stations and a third track between Wellesley and Framingham. The new Newton platforms will fix a problem dating to the s, allowing the pickup and dropoff of passengers at the three Newton stations at all times of the day, while the third track between Wellesley and Framingham will allow the T to add more express service bypassing some stations stops.

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Construction funds have not been secured yet. Fuller said Tesler and Poftak promised to have roughly a third of the de work done by this fall and pledged to come up with funding for the remainder of the de. Construction funding has not been secured yet.

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The optimal de for the two-track Worcester Line is to have two passenger platforms at each station, one on each side of the tracks so passengers going in either direction Framingham to worcester get off at each stop. But the three Newton stops were cut back to just one platform each along the southern rail track in the s when the Massachusetts Turnpike opened. Bruce Mohl is the editor of CommonWealth magazine.

Bruce came to CommonWealth from the Boston Globewhere he spent nearly 30 years in a wide variety of positions covering business and politics. He lives in Dorchester.

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In an to residents, Fuller hailed Tesler and Poftak for agreeing to add an express bus to Boston for Newton residents as an interim measure time and for moving ahead with the new station platforms serving both train tracks. Get the Daily Download Our news roundup delivered every weekday. Meet the Author.

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Bruce Mohl EditorCommonWealth. Worcester commuter rail line targeted for upgrades.

Framingham to worcester

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Distance from Worcester to Framingham