Eclectus parrots for sale in florida

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Boasting one of the largest selection of Eclectus for Sale on the web. The male Eclectus is green, where the female Eclectus is red. Originally scientist thought these were 2 separate species because they looked so far apart. Submit Birds for Sale. Submit Bird Equipment for Sale.

Birds for Sale. Bird Equipment for Sale.

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Eclectus for sale. Gets along with other birds and eats vegetables and fruits and pellets. Typical macaw behavior will need time to bond to you. If you would like more information please feel free to message. Thank you so much. Hand fed super friendly will step up on command down to one feeding a day eating some seed and fruit too. Large chicks with stunning feathers and the right kind of personality for awesome pets. Call at or text or. Has a gorgeous 'peacock style ' tail. Very gentle, docile, quiet, and playful. He likes to fall asleep on my lap.

He will make a great family pet. Looking for Myers parrots and pionus. Has a gorgeous 'peacock style ' tale. Solomons Island eclectus being hand fed Messaging Eclectus parrots for sale in florida here is best. Will sell baby to someone with hand-feeding experience. No shipping, too cold Local pickup ok. Located east coast Florida She is 8 years old and very quiet but last couple of years spent with my other birds since I didnt have enough time for her so now she needs some time and patience around people to be again a pet once she used to be.

Will let her go only if sure she is going to a nice home. He loves to hang out on your shoulder, play games Eclectus parrots for sale in florida is an enthusiastic talker who speaks many words and phrases as wells as laughs and whistles. He enjoys a variety of foods including vegetables, fruits and zupreme natural pellets. He is healthy and has had routine wellness checks with his vet.

Rocket needs a loving home that will give him regular attention. He comes with a large cage and miscellaneous toys. This handsome boy is currently being hand-fed and spoiled. He will be ready in August for pick-up or shipping. Please see our website for detailed information!

Paperwork from Avian Vet will be provided. Please see our website for details. S only!! Call: Will ship at buyers expense and provided airlines are shipping. Please for additional photos or information. Thank you. Hand-feeding baby MALE. She is very friendly and talkative loves to give kisses. She comes with a contract and a 1 year limited warranty. She will come to any one.

She follows me around.

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Great eater of Veggiesfruit, pellets and seeds. Our babies raised with a lot of love and attention, they are very sweet and tame. Eclectus parrots are intelligent, gentle birds that become welcome members of the family due to their tranquil nature. They are pretty good with children. It will be important to teach children how to behave around the bird, rather than the other way around.

Stainless steel and aluminum cages, arriving every day. A wide variety of foods to choose from. By appointment only. Stroudsburg PA Any questions please feel free to message me or call Ana Thank you! For Serious Inquiries Call or Text For Serious Inquiries, Call or Text Missing small inside toe.

FIRM Hand feeding experience required.

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We also ship within United States. Hand-feeding experience required. Serious inquiries. Flies to everyone - even strangers. Very sweet. Fully fledged, beautiful and very friendly. Eating pellets, good seed mix and fresh fruit and veggies.

Ready now. One year health guarantee. Sales tax will be added on CA sales. Located in Northern California. Will ship. They are all friendly, curious and playful. We ship through Delta weather permitting. Please us with any questions.

Eclectus parrots for sale in florida

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Eclectus for sale