Different dating leagues

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It's super selective, and the waiting process can take months. My first thought was that it was an elitist Tinder deed specifically for the pretty, rich and privileged to have yet another exclusive space to be snobby. Naturally, I was intrigued. After obsessing about the concept for two days, I decided to apply and see for myself. Applying was easy — all you have to do is build a profile similar to Tinder. The app encourages you to choose high-quality photos of you Different dating leagues and doing things that interest you, like hiking or going to dinner with friends, rather than posting tons of party photos or selfies in bad lighting.

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You have to link the app to your LinkedIn and other social media. By doing so, The League automatically inputs your education and career to your profile, Different dating leagues everyone can see how smart and accomplished you are. After submitting my profile and having extreme anxiety over the idea of being judged by a bunch of perfect peopleI was put on a waitlist where I was told I was somewhere aroundon the list. I figured I would have to wait months to hear back about my application, and to be clear, I am nowhere near a rich 10 out of 10 on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

Nonetheless, I woke up the next morning to a notification that I had been "drafted" into The League. Cue the momentary sense of validation. Let me just say: There are so many rules and weird features on The League. For starters, there are various levels to memberships. Everyone on the app can use it for free under the guest membership, or you can pay to upgrade for access to exclusive features. Different dating leagues acceptance into The League, I was messaged by my personal concierge who welcomed me to the app, told me what to expect, gave me advice and laid out all of the rules.

So how does it work? Every day at Happy Hour, 5 p. If I match with another profile, I would Different dating leagues a notification that I hit a Home Runand we could begin messaging each other. My concierge then told me about something really interesting: the League Score.

The goal is to have a League Score of All-Star, but the app and your matches have the ability to hurt your score and potentially get you kicked out of the app. At this point, I had only been in The League for a few minutes and already felt completely out of place. During my first Happy Hour, I was presented with two prospects. Both men were white, taller than 6-feet, around years-old, graduated from Ivy League schools and were financial analysts at big New York City companies. Both of their photos were professional hehots followed by photos of them in the mountains, with dogs and on boats.

Every day for the next four weeks I hopped on to The League and was presented with an identical Happy Hour experience.

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But the prospects were all so eerily similar to each other. I expected it, but it freaked me out. Not everyone went to an Ivy League university or was a financial analyst, but everyone was pretty close to it. Full disclosure: I'm incredibly picky. Maybe it was because I was using The League for research purposes rather than finding an "Alpha Boyfriend," or maybe it was because, Different dating leagues a week, I was so incredibly bored of my prospects.

After my month-long experiment on The League, there are a few things that I hearted, and a lot that I rejected. One of the best aspects of the app is the lack of catfishes. Since you have to connect your LinkedIn and social media, and Different dating leagues personally handpicks each member, you can be certain that the person you may go on a date with is exactly who they said they are. Being a successful, career-oriented woman often intimidates men. Your matches know what they are ing up for and are more likely to support you in your career as you build a relationship, rather than asking you to prioritize their own successes.

I do like the group features.

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You can make friends who have common interests, and in a non-pandemic world, The League hosts group events where you can meet people organically, which is pretty cool. For one, there's absolutely no diversity. The profiles I saw every day were of boring, white men who were all the same.

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The paid memberships are ridiculously expensive, and for what? A few extra features and a sense of financial validation? Overall, my experience on The League was … interesting.

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If you Different dating leagues the profile of ambitious and educated, and your endgame is to find someone to share that with, then The League may be perfect for you. But, for now, I'm hiding my profile and deleting the Harvard of dating apps. Search articles. Obviously, I opted for the free version. Heart One of the best aspects of the app is the lack of catfishes.

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Different dating leagues

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