Dating wood and sons pottery

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Wood Familycelebrated English family of Staffordshire potters, a major force in the development of Staffordshire wares from peasant pottery to an organized industry. Through his mother, Ralph, Jr. InRalph Wood was apprenticed to John Astburyand he subsequently worked with Thomas Whieldon at Fenton Low, there learning the manufacture of coloured glazes.

He began producing his own salt-glazed wares in at Burslem, where he also practiced as a block cutter i. Aaron apprenticed with the Thomas Wedgwood, Jr. He opened his own pottery four years later.

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By about Ralph Wood was making extremely well-modeled figures with coloured glazes. These started with a manganese-brown, to which he added greens, blues, and a greyish olive. Of the animals, the stags are particularly well-known. Ralph, Jr. His figures were coloured with enamels instead of glazes, and many of them were impressed with the mold in the base. An extant invoice shows him supplying figures to Josiah Wedgwood in About this time or soon afterward, Wood appears to have employed Jean Dating wood and sons pottery c.

Specimens made by the Woods, father and son, are sometimes impressed with a name, R. WOOD or R. For some years Ralph, Jr. William Wood —son of Aaron, was employed as a modeler by Wedgwood. His brilliant younger brother, Enoch —apprenticed with Wedgwood for a time and later with Humphrey Palmer.

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The firm made all the wares that were current in Staffordshire at the time, including black basaltesjasper, and probably porcelain. Large quantities of blueprinted earthenware were produced, much of which was exported to the United States. Busts modeled by Enoch Wood himself are fairly numerous. The Wood factory closed in Wood Family.

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Staffordshire warelead-glazed earthenware and unglazed or salt-glazed stoneware made in Staffordshire, England, from the 17th century onward.

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Abundance of local clays and coal gave rise to a concentration of pottery factories that made Staffordshire one of the foremost pottery centres in Europe. Porcelain was first made at Longton Hall…. Although usually opaque, some stoneware is so thinly potted that it is somewhat translucent.

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Dating wood and sons pottery

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