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We use cookies for analytics, personalization, and. CougarLife has a consumer rating of 2. Consumers complaining about CougarLife most frequently mention fake profiles, credit card and customer service problems. CougarLife ranks th among Dating sites. Good site for chatting to cougars but I expected better. Still prefer justcougar.

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Good luck. No ability to filter your matches, what they call matches is enough to not want to date ever again. Technically an ill devised website, Talk about false and deceptive advertising. Fine, expensive but if it serves it's purpose then cool. Excuse me? It may be good in bigger cities but be extremely wary of this site. Not only are there escorts making profiles and wanting you to pay for their services once they lure you in, wasting your credits, but not being given a confirmation to pay an extra large sum of money is criminal in my opinion.

I have never NOT been given a confirmation before when paying for something. Predatorial practicies, overpriced subscription, and bait Cougar life review scam profiles. Stick to tinder or something and just change the age range.

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When I brought up Cougar life review concerns about their lack of security screening and male conduct on their site, they replied with "our services are not available in your country" and suspended my. I live in Australia and was one of the apparently few legitimate women on there. They try to force women to act out of blind faith and meet men straight off the site without being allowed to check who they are via facebook etc. Absolutely vile behavior- the site should be forcibly shut down its unsafe. I don't know if I am just one lucky guy but I met a cougar last week and had hell of a time.

At this site but I ed and hooked up without any real trouble. This is the second cougar site I've been using. Worked again. ed a bunch of cougar dating sites two years ago and used them regulary. I have met three cougars on CougarLife and had a Cougar life review with em.

Great site. Yep, maybe a little expensive but well worth it. Only site where u will get similar is Cougars69 but I had no luck on all the other cougar dating sites promising u to get u conected with naughty MILFs and Cougars. Don't believe the BS they are telling u.

Most profiles ain't even real. Use the top sites like Cougars69 and CougarLife. U can thank me later. I know many guys will disagree with me on that but Cogarlife is an awesome way to meet older ladies. I don't like any of the other cougar specific sites, they're all just Cougar life review. Maybe with the exception of Cougars Don't know what I do differently but Cougarlife works for me.

Saw commercial, gave it a try. Cancelled recurring subscription, same day. CL's Terms of service employ "Cougar C's", virtual profiles. All female profiles with " Send a message to find out more about them.

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Not worth time or money. I would say try this along with another good option e. G justcougars. Be patient and see how many Cougar life review ladies get back to you. Once I paid for my membership, they Cougar life review my access and took all my money from the card. Their technical support does not answer me. I advise anyone not to this site. It hurt me a lot and I will sue them. Tip for consumers: Do not use it. It is a scam. They will take your money and suspend you. Most of the s who send you messages are fake. They do this to encourage you pay in order to see the messages. Fake profiles of beautiful women used over and over again to give you the impression that it is real.

Then fake messages to meet, followed by credit card or personal ID scams. Don't use this website. Cant beat setting up a wee rendezvous with a buxom 40 something and her being all hot about the fact youre a gentleman who's still under 30!

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Good times! A waste of money. No real people on it.

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Almost immediately after you up with a non-paid profile, you will get lots of attention. This sucks you into thinking that there are real people on it, and further sucks you into buying a paid membership. Then once you have paid, no one responds to anything. It is such a waste. Go to AFF where there are lots of real people even if many are just cyber You should definitely avoid the website. The pornstar in the commercial is Julia Anne woman in the red dress. I have also seen a couple of reviews on Cougar life review that say positive things about the site, yet they are the EXACT same reviews - word for word - that were left on other complaint sites.

It seems people who run the site are attempting to make themselves look good and legitimize their pathetic attempts of scamming and using horrible bots. I thought i give the 3-day trial a try for a few euro's, couldnt hurt right? I didnt have high expectations but the entire site is full of fake profiles, not a single one responds back even if you respond right away on a wink or message. On top of that i got charged for a month right away so i didnt pay 4 euro but 25 aswell. Trying to cancel the whole bunch while i write this and that isnt Cougar life review easiest thing to do either.

Should be criminal. I'm not too sure if its good or bad because the only other site ive used is justcougars. The hookup happened in my fourth week on the site, so its been AGES now since ive had any action from this site and im now not sure if I should renew. Maybe I got lucky on justcougars but I know I had a lot more fun during my first three months there, so don't really understand whats going wrong here. The site clearly has real women and ive not changed the way I act if anything Ive been sending more messages since the hookup so im a bit discouraged.

As a guy who likes older women there aren't that many good dating Cougar life review for me to use, so I do hope I have more luck if I decide to renew. Then you never hear from them again. Fake profiles. Fake everything. Use your credits and then even though your still a "premium" member, you can't message anyone else unless you buy more credits.

I didn't listen to the reviews. Wish I had. Learn from my mistake. Save your money. I met him on cougar life. We see each other when he is home from college. He ed up the summer of and I met him on the website in August. We got together twice. Then we met up again over winter break. I never would have met him if it wasn't for Cougar Life.

I am a real tall, Cougar life review, beautiful red head. I'm 45 and full of energy.

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I love dating younger men. Alec is great. It's always fun to see him when he's home. The site itself is not easy to navigate and you can't see the stream of messages on the app. We exchange s quickly and communicated Cougar life review text. I appreciate that my tastes are a bit specific and so im less likely to get laid fast on a cougar site than say a typical dating site but still ive been waiting a while now and nothings happening apart from a few dirty Cougar life review.

Been hearing a lot about justcougars. Simply great site and in my opinion - together with Cougars69 - maybe the only legit cougar dating site. I know many mostly male users are complaining about CL but I don't understand why? It is not easy as to hook up with a cougar but that is not the site's fault. They simply provide a dating site and it is up on you to hook up or not. Never worked for me. Site is overrun by scammers.

Fake profiles all over. All they want is your money! I decided to do a profile. I got some activity from a bunch of fake models and a few others. So I decided to subscribe and get a membership then all the inquires just stop. On the weekend it's little to no women online and there the same chics.

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The yearly membership is average cost wise but you have to pay extra to send messages. I originally didnt buy the premiumso id just look at the matches, send flirts and whatnot. Now that i bought the premiumits nothing but obviously fake women wanting to steal your credit card, or hot women who are real but wont respond to anything you say.

I don't give a damns what y'all say: CL rocks! Other sites Cougar life review come close.

Cougar life review

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