Cheap apartments in bangkok thailand

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For a breakdown of each apartment rental type though, and the average cost you can expect to pay, read on.

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The buildings are usually clean and well taken care of, and some have security too. Related : What is the cost of living in Bangkok, Thailand for a couple? The room will usually have a refrigerator but no cooking facilities. These rooms are available in either downtown Bangkok or out in the suburbs. The further into the suburbs you get, the cheaper the price. Depending on the area you live in, you can rent either a one or two bedroom apartment, with kitchen and usually western-style bathroom.

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Related : What is included in a rental apartment in Bangkok, Thailand. This means, it comes with cable TV, twice weekly maid service, and security. These will all be in western-style buildings with nice bathrooms, kitchen facilities and laundry facilities, as well as cable TV and internet access.

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These apartment buildings have upscale restaurants, nice shops, travel agents, gyms, swimming pools and are ideally located for anywhere you want to go. The apartments themselves are large, fashionably decorated and furnished and often with stupendous views.

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In fact, on 60, and above, you will really be living like a king. Related : How to easily and quickly rent an apartment in Bangkok, Thailand.

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How Much Does a Rental Apartment in Bangkok, Thailand Cost – Depends on Your Requirements