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Not interested in these, but maybe some other cool gadgets would do the trick! Flat out no! Your Shopping Cart Your Cart is currently empty. Ivory Wave concentrated bath salt. Relax and soak away Ivory Wave. Add the contents to a hot bath to naturally soften the water which will leave you feeling very soothed and relaxed.

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Please, if you are a first time user of Ivory Wave we strongly recommend to start with a very tiny amount to your bath to see your body's tolerance. Once you get used to the strong effect of Ivory in your bath you can use more to reach the complete relaxation you want. Strength index score 8.

Not For Human Consumption. MP Test : Well, we had to remove our personal test result due to higher reasons, and because someone made a very bad copy of this great product that we do not recommend to try at all. Please always stick to the genuine products, we can proudly say that we have been offering ONLY genuine and the original products straight from the manufacturers. Thanks guys. As always, keep the feedbacks coming. This product is completely legal in every country due to its herbal ingredients.

Please note that this product not meant to be sold in the UK. Monday, 04 October Product Search Search. Forgot your username? No yet? About Bitcoin Find us on f acebook Crypto Calculator. Your Shop. Buy ivory wave bath salts online Favorites Ticket Pack.

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Mind Charge. Mellow Madness. Who's Online We have 97 guests and 6 members online. SSL Certificate. Home Newsflash Powders Ivory Wave. Legal status: This product is completely legal in every country due to its herbal ingredients.

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Buy ivory wave bath salts online

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Buy Ivory Wave Bath Salt