Bmw r90 for sale craigslist

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Forum Rules. Remember Me? 1 to 13 of Thread: I have a craigslist addiction for motorcycles that is. I have a craigslist addiction for motorcycles that is. I look at craigslist for bikes times a day. Now, this doesn't take up much of my time, maybe 15 minutes each time, and I am retired. But I do it every day. I look for motorcycles in the three metro areas around where I live.

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Not only do I find bikes to buy but sometimes it's great entertainment. At times it takes a lot of willpower to keep from sending a snarky comment to sellers. I also look at CycleTrader but it doesn't have one tenth the activity. Anyone else have this habit? Reply With Quote. I definitely share your affliction.

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Thankfully, a lack of garage space saves me from myself. This really isn't specific to craigslist, but have you ever noticed that it's always the owner that the seller will blame for all the bad things: "It was dropped by the owner.

Last edited by ; at PM. I have CL for "motorcycles" under one of my favorites tabs. I do not plan on buying any, but I do like seeing what is out there.

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You never know. I did, however, add fleabay to my surfing ritual. I was amazed, at times, of the extremely low mileage auctions that showed up every now and then. I mean to miles low. Sometimes I come across a listing for an RC and want to correct the seller on their incorrect wording in the description. Semantics, I know. About six months ago I came across an ad for an H-D -- it was the owner's girlfriend trying to sell his bike while he was in jail.

She said Bmw r90 for sale craigslist had a notarized title and the price was very cheap and she wanted it out of her garage immediately. I think it would have been an unhealthy mistake to answer that one, even if it wasn't a scam. Speaking of scams, sometimes when I'm bored I'll answer via e-mail an obvious scam motorcycle ad, play dumb, and string the "seller" along for a day or two till they finally get wise that I'm screwin' with 'em.

Good stuff! I recommend you avoid SearchTempest which will give you access to all of the CL in an area size of your choice. It can get expensive. Unless you have self control. Why I remember when Nostalgia, I guess. Last edited by WWeldin; at PM. I have a similar addiction as the OP. Here in Canada I use Bmw r90 for sale craigslist, similar to Craig's List and almost daily look at bike trailers for sale. I'm not in the market for one, as I bought one inbut rather to continue to congratulate myself for having snapped up a good buy.

I have yet to find a better value for the money that I spent.

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Paul F. Knights of the Roundel Bmw r90 for sale craigslist Just recently stopped the regular CL visits. The sad not really so sad thing is we do have room and have found several buys thru the years. It's fun to see what's out there. On the bad side, the same GS was on several cities site years ago as being a local bike, but currently overseas Have seen several angry partner or needing bail money deals He should have been in jail for what he did to that poor GS Cape cod craigslist motorcycles has 3 BMWs at the bottom of one.

You are lucky. I do Bikes, Travel Trailers, Tools and cars. Valley BMW Riders. British Columbia. We used to have "The Want Advertiser". It was a local publication that sort of fell out of business in around They charged a percentage commission, on the honor system, paid when you item was sold Of course then came Craig's list. This publication was enormously popular for those that didn't really want to buy anything.

Some that were "regular" shoppers would go to Sudbury MA to get the publication "hot off the press". I guess it's the digital vs print deal that finished things off. There is still The Truck and Equipment Trader that is free and charges for listings.

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I pick one on up when I see them to see what things are worth and how the industry has changed. Sooner or later they make you choose.

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NOT for bike related questions. Similar Thre Craigslist By in forum Campfire. Replies: 11 Last Post:AM. Replies: 2 Last Post:PM. BMW addiction finally admitted. I can't seem to quit. New member in Kansas. Truly sad craigslist posting Replies: 15 Last Post:PM. MOA makes craigslist By testing in forum Campfire. Replies: 8 Last Post:AM. All times are GMT. The time now is PM. All rights reserved.

Bmw r90 for sale craigslist

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