Bluenose naturist club

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Owners of nudist camp throw in the towel By Michael Lightstone Nudists Scott and Pauline Verge always loved communing with nature, benefiting from what they feel are nudism's invigorating qualities. But nearly 10 years after opening a Stewiacke-area nudist camp, health problems are forcing the couple to reluctantly part with their property.

Verge said recently. Verge said that late last year Pauline learned she has uterine tumours and dysplasia, an abnormal growth of tissues Bluenose naturist club described as "precancerous. Verge has Crohn's disease, a bowel disorder that is managed by medication and sometimes surgery. The Verges, who are Bluenose naturist club their 40s, opened the hectare nudist camp in May It's been a good run, they say, but they lack the energy and resources required to keep the place going.

Verge said the land could be converted to a regular campground, an ATV park or a snowmobile site. Verge said, and has had about 1, people visit each season. He said the club has about names in its database.

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The camp includes a swimming pool, outdoor volleyball court and space for badminton. Verge said he bought the land 11 years ago when it resembled a big logging scar. It was an absolute mess. He would not disclose how much he paid for the land or his asking price. Verge acknowledged Nova Scotia can be a conservative province, but said he's had no trouble over the years with disapproving neighbours.

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Verge, a father of two, said he and his wife have made a living off SunnyVale, but don't have job prospects. He said their health is of paramount concern and they hope to live, at least for a while, from the proceeds of the camp sale. The first nudist clubs were established in Germany about a century ago.

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Though nudism's negative stereotype has been slowly stripped away since then, the activity - some call it a philosophy - still attracts only a minority of followers. A national organization, the Federation of Canadian Naturists, has about 20, members. In metro, the Bluenose Naturist Club has fewer than participants. Also, a dedicated group of nude bathers uses part of Crystal Crescent Beach every summer to relax without worrying their pastime will be put down.

Verge said he decided to open SunnyVale after an outing at Crystal Crescent, during which he and his wife were warned by the RCMP about nude Bluenose naturist club.

Bluenose naturist club

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