Best books for single women

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These are the books that might just help you navigate the weird and wonderful journey of being a single women in a pandemic. Books always have a way of helping me navigate and make sense of life during tough times. And with research proving that reading can improve mental healthfinding a reading rhythm in lockdown has helped me feel better in many ways.

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And, as a single woman living in lockdownthere is one book that I have to recommend for others in a similar situation at this point in the pandemic. Going through a pandemic without a romantic partner has a unique and unpredictable ebb and flow.

I first read it in one gulp three years ago on a hour train journey in India three years ago, and I knew it would give me the comfort, reassurance and laughs that I need when it comes to matters of the heart right now. It also reminds me of how much I love my friends.

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When I spoke to my friends, it turned out that a handful of them had actually been revisiting the book too. My flatmate spent a drizzly September Sunday snuggled on the sofa with the book in hand. My best friend WhatsApped me pictures of passages along with strings of love heart emojis.

Through hilarious and heartbreaking anecdotes, dating columnist and The High Low host Alderton explores the romantic relationships we have with friends, partners and ourselves.

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It suits me well to be honest. The book has a lovely lightness of touch to it but there are some very dark moments, particularly a description of a sexual encounter that really upset me because I think a lot of women have done that zone out thing when something you are uncomfortable with is happening, and then it hits you after.

And actually, now that my 20s and almost my 30s are over its made me think about what I want from my sex and dating life after lockdown. Who knows, only time will tell I guess. If you are concentrating on your dating life, the books above might be well worth adding to your bedside table pile.

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Basically: just read what makes you happy. in. You may also like. Sally Rooney has some exciting book news for Normal People fans. Booker Prize you need to add the shortlist to your autumn reading list. Images: Getty, Amazon.

Best books for single women

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