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Gloria was so helpful, helping me de this special dinosaur cake! She helped me pick out the style, flavors, colors, really going the extra mile. It was so delicious. She also coordinated the dinner order from their sister restaurant Double Chin for our party. She made everything easy and all our guests enjoyed the food. Delicious and affordable. I loved the Coconut Butterfly Bun! Even despite being almost impossible to find a parking spot, I would recommend it.

Good variety of bread selections. Love the chicken floss bread!! No Bao bao bakery boston on spending to use a credit card. Delicious bakery in chinatown with quality baos! I don't go anywhere else for my daily buns, and they do catering as well as made to order cakes for any occasion. Highly recommend them!

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Im from philly and i love to visit chinatowns in different states and this place is top tier! The taro latte was amazing and sweet, we got various buns all were moist and delicious. This place is a must try but it is small inside.

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Very nice and clean bakery. We tried a lot of things and everything was delicious. Our favorite is the almond stripes. Thank you so much. Plenty of sweet items. Prices are average for bakery items. Also makes desserts for double chin restaurant.

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It's my favorite store when I think of getting a cake I always like chocolate cake Sometimes I don't find it so if you have a specific flavor in mind call before so that they make it for you. The BEST!!!!!!!!!!! Omg when in here to get a cupcake and it was perfect! It literally melted in my mouth. The prices are very reasonable and they also do cupcakes and other pastries in bulk, which is perfect for parties!!

To top it off it's around the corner from my job! Talk about perfect! I've been ordering for a year now the cold honey lemonade here and it was great at the beginning. However, after they remodeled the place, the quality of beverages decreased.

I gave it a couple of shots before writing the review but the new staff definitely waters down the lemonades way too much to the point they taste like water just water. Also, they didn't put honey whatsoever. I asked them to fixed it and the lemonade came back tasting worst. I came here for a Portuguese egg tart, raisin custard bun, and pineapple red bean bun. The Portuguese egg tart was quite tasty, as the yolk was really soft and the crust was flaky.

The raisin custard bun was chewy and slightly sweet but delicious, and the pineapple red bean bun had lots of delicious red bean! They're a Bao bao bakery boston more expensive than others but it's a difference of maybe 25 cents. I almost wish I hadn't found it because I can't stop visiting. The bakery was really clean, and all of the buns and baked goods were really fresh, soft, and delicious. The woman at the counter was super friendly and helpful.

I told Bao bao bakery boston what I was looking for pork buns, of course!!

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They also have an interesting menu of drinks and smoothies. I had a pineapple-lychee tea which was phenomenal! The prices are also on point. I only wished I had dipped next door into the Double Chin for some sit down eating. Definitely try the beef curry bun and the pork bun with pineapple glaze. I also really enjoyed the Bao bao bakery boston pork dumplings, but best to eat that when warm. Excuse my squished buns. This is not what they looked like at purchase.

There are many bakeries in Chinatown but this one has some great deals they offer to customers. Not to mention the baked goods are delicious as well. Not only is it extraordinarily cheap, the pastries are all phenomenal! I would definitely recommend coming by. They begged me to take them back every day we stayed in Boston. This is a must visit! Great little spot! One of the best bakeries in Boston's chinatown.

Fresh goods made daily and adorable atmosphere. Always stop by here for a curry bun. Great little Asian bakery. They offer a lot of different buns, savory and sweet, as well as cakes, bre, Bao bao bakery boston, and drinks. I tried a matcha creme puff and a matcha swiss roll. Both of them were delicious! The bakery also connects to Double Chin same owners.

I'm obsessed with the pasties here they're all super fluffy and not loaded with sugar like other places. Also a lot of them are only a dollar. I don't like the remodeled setup. It is hard to grab the baked goods without another hand or 2. You need a hand to hold the Bao bao bakery boston, a hand to hold the tongs, another hand to open the little hanging doors to get the baked goods. The doors don't stay open so that's why you need 3 hands.

It is a stupid setup. The place also feels much smaller after the remodeling. I cannot recommend this place to anyone with so many options in the vicinity. The raspberry cheesecake dessert really made up for the nasty baked treat I tried from a bakery. This place had a variety of really beautiful treats that taste just as good as they look.

I came here on a weekday early afternoon. It has decent bre, pastries, and bubble tea. There are plenty of better places around for each of those things though. When time allows we travel from Salem NH to China Town for some great food then we explore a treat to take home, great selection here and very tasty!

The initial set up of getting your items is wrong you can hold your tray and hold the plastic door open and serve yourself it's not logical All organizations All cities. Visit the website. Haven't had any of their baked goods other than the egg tarts- which are quite delicious.

A wonderful Chinese bakery filled will all the things that will bring you joy. Nice customer service even though you cant dine in. Great food and prices. Always great quality, good selection. Beautiful cakes and personal size treats. Great baked goods and bubble tea. The egg tarts are a must try! Cheap, delicious Chinese bakery with egg tarts, pineapple buns, cakes and more at good prices. Great bakery. Cakes from here are delicious. Favorite bakery.

Good food, tea is a bit too sweet with regular sugar. Delicious sesame ball with red bean and other pastries. Regret not to trying more! Try the mini cheesecake or the Matcha roll. Great Chinese bakery including raisin bread and sweet bread!

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I liked everything they bake. Treats are amazing and surprisingly cheap! I picked up a mango mousse and some cookies. The mousse was incredible. Excellent sweet- and savory- treats. Can't wait to go back. My wife loves this place, specifically pork buns, red bean paste buns, and pineapple buns.

Bao bao bakery boston

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