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But most of the times, they look at you, and if your eyes meet and you smile, THEN they smile back right away. Especially in Phuket. There are entire websites and forums out there that only talk about this topic, the scammers in Thailand. And frankly, a truth that some people prefer to ignore, is that they can only live off of our greed.

We want the cheap stuff, we want free — free — free, although we should know that nothing in this world is really free. When you watch them work the street, see them working for hours on end getting rejected, ignored and yelled at, they deserve some respect.

First, we thought this was just a random thing, but nearly every time we ate at a restaurant, they always served me a huge portion, and Nathan a much smaller one. Beautiful sunset in Ao Nang, Thailand. The young girls have their hair curled and the middle-aged ladies have Are thai people friendly put that same bright pink color lipstick on. The teens dress in a pop rock punk style, but walk around with a teddy bear under their arm, or a furry baby hat on their he. And every time Nathan bumps his head into the umbrellas put up at the vegetable markets everyone around him breaks into a big laugh and tell all their friends who missed it about what just happened.

When a new boat gets launched into the river or ocean in western countries we have a ceremony of breaking a champagne bottle. At the beginning of each season the long-tail boat owners bring colorful cloths to tie to the front of the boat for good luck and ask the spirits to protect and bring prosperity Are thai people friendly their business. Inthere was a change in their ruling structure.

It changed from an absolute monarchy to a constitutional monarchy. What was ly known as Siam was renamed Thailand in Thailand is located in southeast Asia. The countries that border it to the north are Laos and Myanmar Burma ; southeast is Cambodia; and the country to the south of Thailand is Malaysia. I found the humor thing applies to Vietnam also. The sense of humor there was childlike and sometimes I thought they were pulling my leg by laughing at something so silly. We lived in Thailand so we learned a lot about them and I must say that you are pretty spot on.

We loved how warm, friendly and accepting they were. It was wonderful to see the male students at school embracing the lady boys as friends, when you knew in other countries they would be beaten. We never noticed that the food portion thing was deliberate, but Craig would often complain when we received our meals.

We had many Thai friends, and we found they could not do enough for you. Our one friend would invite us around for dinner and absolutely cook a feast. We could not believe the amount of food she would cook, and it was all for us. We always felt so bad because we could never eat it. They love to give, but they hate receiving. When we would buy them gifts they would quickly put it away and pay it no attention. Oh, Are thai people friendly sound like wonderful people. Great observations, I especially like 3.

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Oh yes, very refreshing! All this talk of Sanook, Smiles and laughter is really getting us excited about our trip. Thanks Sofia. I always loved seeing a mid-twenties, Thai male on a motorbike with a stuffed teddy bear hanging off the front! Awesome Are thai people friendly The feminineness is true for most Asian countries. Got me thinking to create one of these for China. We might of been on that 8 person mini bus with you when it was filled with 33 people! But yes, Thai people were some of the most friendly people we have met on this planet and this still continues in our day to day lives back home.

I like the hustler observation, and while a little naive, i has a kernel of truth to it. MANY of these guys are just trying to make an honest living and should be treated with respect for how hard they work. Fascinating insights on Thai culture. Our differences Are thai people friendly quite interesting between western culture and Thai culture. However, the one thing that seems to be a theme in these lessons is that the people are genuine and respectful in whatever they do. Great post. This is good for me since I swear I eat enough for two sometimes! This is obviously the reason most people go there-for the friendliness.

Sometimes a bad vibe can really ruin a place for me. It really does sound so refreshing. Thanks for sharing. Great little post.

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How cute! I love hearing about laughing people! Interesting… base on your 4.

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They sounds like super hard working people. Making living as if the city never sleep. For no. We do not have the rule to serve for man first and different portion. It may depend what kind of food you order. In the restaurant will keep the same portion for both male and female. For your experienceI think because they like you.

Hi Veeree!

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Thank you so much for explaining it to me. I guess that after all it was just random, or they just liked me better than Nathan hehe. I have to agree that the Thai has the warmest smile that can just melt your heart.

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I share the views as you when it comes to people who are just trying to make a living. I feel bad myself if I see them get yelled at our receive such unsolicited comments from tourists. Hi Sofia, very curious observations! I know of many western men who have had dealings with thai people plus I have heard so many stories of these people they all tell me Are thai people friendly they are all cunning and deceiving. Who wants to be around people like that. Most of the thai women have been in the sex industry at some stage yet on the other hand they call themselves buddhist.

Even one of the pre cepts of buddhism says to refrain from sexual mis conduct. I prefer to be around honest, sincere people not cunning people who try to cheat and deceive you. Thailand is the most f…uked up buddhist country that I have ever been to but never again. My advice stay clear and that goes for the westerners. There was one male in the group, and he did receive has first. Thais do work long hours. Thankfully, there is always an honest one close by. I had to experience that. I met many people in small villages, mostly farmers and they really always smile so sweetly. But I happened to meet professor and people on that level in the thai society and I also played tennis with a governor of a big citywith his wife, with vice governor and other men and women around the governor….

Thai people are the most cunning and deceiving people I have ever come accross yet on the other hand they call themselves buddhists. The thai women have all been in the sex industry but I guess if your really desperate for a women you can pick one up cheap for a few baht. I prefer people who are honest and straight with you and one who is sincere. My advice to anyone is stay away from these people as they are not good buddhists.

You are right about the street hustlers. Great 5, thanks for the reminder. Thanks for sharing your thought Sandy! Thai women are all cunning and deceiving so why try to hide the truth. Who really wants to be around these type of people who are cunning and like to deceive people. I was brought up to be honest and sincere unlike these fake people who will do anything to cheat and deceive you then they say they are buddhist.

Read the bible it tells you what god says about cunning and deceiving people. Thai people are very immoral, illogical, shallow, and materialistic. Kindness only comes if you paying a big amount of money here. Their smile is not real and even if you are a customer, they do not smile unless you are a rich farang. Thai people are racist Are thai people friendly Asian people as well; they look down and Asian and overrate the farang.

They are so shallow that they simply think white is good, black is bad. The service level is very bad. They always look like they just want to get rid of you even if Are thai people friendly are in an emergency situation, for example when you need medical help and so on. Most travel agency will rip you off.

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They are not looking for a long term customer, but some quick cash. There is no moral nor ethic in this country. Live here for few years, and you will know for yourself. You judge people individually and are also optimistic. Not all Thai people are so and so. Identity, freedom of thinking and choice are illusory, everything is the shadow of the past. The people are such scammers and literally want to rip every baht from you.

One of the worst customer service is in Thailand. My Are thai people friendly had purchased couple of jewels at a reputed Bangkok jewel shop run by the govt. My mom had paid the amt. A couple of days after returning to India, mom got a call stating that someone at the jewel shop was trying to misuse her card which was seemingly duplicated by the clever conmen and the transaction declined because my mom had added a high level of security before leaving for Thailand.

Are thai people friendly

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5 Things I’ve Learned About Thai People While In Thailand