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Bryan Matthew Mullins, 35, of Chesapeake Beach. On Friday, July 31,an year-old female, who is a Huntingtown High School graduate reported to a school administrator that a teacher had engaged in an inappropriate relationship with her during the school year. She told authorities, she was 17 years old when the sexual relationship began.

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On August 3rd, police conducted an audio and video recorded interview with the victim, and she stated that Mr. Mullins was her 9th grade English teacher and this past year he was her supervising teacher. The victim said that during the summer of while she was 17 years of age, she and Mr. Mullins began following each other on Twitter.

Early on, the victim said that he simply commented on her status and it was very normal.

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During the month of September however, the victim stated that Mr. Mullins began flirting with her through Direct Messages DMs on Twitter, and it was during this time that the two began cultivating a relationship online. On October 4th,the victim stated that Mr. Mullins kissed her for the first time in school. They continued to communicate via Twitter, Instagram, text messages, and E-mail about meeting each other outside of school. During Homecoming weekend, October 19th and 20thMr. Mullins invited the victim to stay at his house because his wife was away for the weekend.

The victim stated that she went to Mr. Mullins house located in Chesapeake Beach, and he invited her into his hot tub. The victim stated that she and Mr. Mullins removed their clothes and had sexual intercourse for the first time on October 19th, The victim went on to say that during that weekend she and Mr. Mullins engaged in various sexual acts six or seven times, maybe more.

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The victim stated that in the month of December of around Christmas time, she and Mr. Mullins engaged in sexual intercourse 2 or 3 times in his classroom with the door locked. The victim told police about other times and locations where they had met and engaged in sex. When police asked the victim to estimate how many times she and Mr. Mullins have engaged in sexual intercourse and she stated approximately 40 times. Of those 40 times, the victim stated that approximately 30 of those times were when she was 17 years of age.

The victim also stated that she and Mr. Mullins have performed other sex acts on each other approximately 20 times. In January ofthe victim stated that Mr. According to the victim, Mr. Mullins admitted to his wife that he had been having an affair with the victim.

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Around this same time, teachers at Huntingtown High School had been noticing the victim and Mr. Mullins spending a considerable amount of time with each other and complained to the Principal which sparked an inquiry. Mullins were questioned separately, and she lied about their relationship because she was in love with him at the time.

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The victim stated that during her relationship with Mr. Mullins, he made promises leaving his wife for her and quitting his job so that he could move to another state with her. The victim said once Mr. This behavior continued into the summer, even when the victim did not respond.

This made the victim feel used and manipulated by Mr. Mullins which caused the victim to confide in a friend, and the friend told a teacher who reported the incident to the HHS Principal.

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Bryan Matthew Mullins has been placed on administrative leave without pay after being arrested on Monday, August 3,and charged with sexual abuse of a minor and other related charges. Mullins is scheduled to appear in Calvert County District Court for a preliminary hearing on Thursday, September 3, You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.

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Details Released: Huntingtown High School Teacher Arrested – Accused of Having Sex with Student at School