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For better or for worse, modern American romance is all about apps.

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We look at a photo, maybe read a quick bio, and then swipe left or right to ify our interest. The pervasiveness of app culture in the United States led us to wonder if people in other countries also rely on dating apps. Is the rest of the Afrika dating kostenlos swiping as much as we are? And what are some of the most popular international dating apps? You might be thinking, they probably just use Tinder everywhere.

In addition to the U. One of the even more commonly used international dating apps is Badoowhich has over million users. Like Tinder, Badoo was based on swiping until recently, when the company got rid of swipe-based matching and debuted a new live video feature. Badoo used in almost Afrika dating kostenlos country but is especially popular in southern and eastern Europe, as well as in South America and parts of Southeast Asia. Coffee Meets Bagel. The League. The list of popular dating apps in the U.

But what about in the other countries of the Americas? Tinder, Hinge and Bumble reign supreme. An up-and-coming app in both the U. Badoo is the most popular dating app throughout South America, though Tinder also has a big presence there.

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As mentioned above, Europe is pretty split between Tinder and Badoo as the primary dating app of choice, with the other not far behind in usage. Tinder tends to be more popular in the northern and western parts of Europe, while Badoo rules in the southern and eastern regions.

In addition to the major players, some smaller, local apps are used in various European countries. For instance, Happy Pancake is one of the most popular dating apps in Sweden and Finland and has recently expanded into the Netherlands as well. Aside from having a fantastic name, Happy Pancake prides itself on being completely free, and it has a search function that allows users to find people with similar interests.

Another Swedish app is Mazily, which also matches people based on common interests and goes a step further, suggesting cultural events around town where users can go on dates. In German-speaking countries, the top dating app is Lovoo, known for its live-streaming video feature. The company survived a bit of a scandal inbut has since been acquired by a larger dating company. Frim is a pretty simple app for chatting with friends and love interests, and Tinder-esque Mamba made headlines for encouraging voters to take a date to the polls.

Fun fact: Russia is the country with the most dating app downlofollowed by Brazil and China. In addition Afrika dating kostenlos Russia, Frim is the most popular dating app in Egypt. Moving over to the Middle East, Badoo generally takes the lead with one exception: Saudi Arabia, where the app WhosHere is most prevalent. The Afrika dating kostenlos connects users based on proximity and enables them to chat and send photo messages, as well as make voice calls with an internet connection.

While India, Indonesia, Singapore, the Philippines, Australia and New Zealand predominantly use Tinder, the rest of the region either uses Badoo or their own local apps. Despite some variety in the international dating apps we use, one thing is clear: Afrika dating kostenlos our way to love is a universal activity. Try Babbel.

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Afrika dating kostenlos

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