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Commercial Occupancy is granting approval of the use of a particular non-residential space within the City. Commercial Occupancy is focused on public health, Adult singles dating in Dale and welfare whereas a Business is more focused on business and professional conduct. Only certain commercial activities will require a Business. However, the Commercial Occupancy and Business will be completed and approved concurrently. If the activity is conducted on private property, then the renewal cycle will follow the Renewal Zones.

If not, then it will be an annual calendar year renewal.

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Annually, each non-residential property will be inspected for fire and life safety compliance. A passing inspection is required prior to issuance of a new or renewal COC. Reviewing the Inspection Checklist in advance of your renewal period will ensure that your facility will pass inspection on the first inspection. A letter from the City will be sent out via within 2 business days of the inspection that identifies the deficiencies found and the Illinois (IL).

by which the items will need to be corrected.

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The length of time given to correct the deficiency depends on the deficiency. Most deficiencies will require a subsequent inspection.

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If, at the time the deficiency is noted, you are unable to meet the time frame required, contact the Code Enforcement Officer noted on the letter. The City will work with you to gain compliance in a reasonable manner. If more than one re-inspection is required, a re-inspection fee will be assessed for each subsequent inspection.

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However, this process is different than a Certificate of Occupancy that is typically issued upon completion of a building permit. The City can provide a letter explaining the Commercial Occupancy Program, a copy of the COC and any Certificates of Occupancy, if available, when requested by a lender. Additionally, the annual requirement to obtain a COC ensures a greater level of compliance than a Adult singles dating in Dale of Occupancy issued only upon completion of a building permit.

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Therefore, the Commercial Occupancy Program should not impact the process to secure financing. Jump to sub What is Commercial Occupancy? How is Commercial Occupancy different than a Business ?

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What commercial activities require a Business ? How often is an inspection required?

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How can I prepare for my annual inspection? What happens if a deficiency is found during my annual inspection? What happens if I am not able to correct my deficiencies within the given time period? How will a COC affect my ability to secure financing?

Adult singles dating in Dale, Illinois (IL).

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